party in Downing Street the day before Prince Philip’s funeral-

Two parties on April 16, 2021, in the evening, in the garden of Downing Street on days of national mourning: “Reprehensible behavior”

These are days in which he does nothing but apologize Boris Johnson
. The British premier, in fact, through his spokesperson, officially apologized to Buckingham Palace for the two parties in Downing Street the evening before Funeral of Prince Philip
, on April 16, 2021, or during a period of national mourning. Three days ago, however, on Tuesday 12, the premier apologized in front of the parliament for the party organized in Downing Street Garden in full lockdown, this occurred in May 2020: “I implicitly believed that it was a business event,” he said in his speech in Westminster, arousing laughter among the deputies.
The “partygate” that is overwhelming the head of the British government and his credibility seems endless.

In this last note of apology presented to the queen and the palace, it is not specified whether the premier was present or not party of April 16th (one was the farewell party of her head of communications, James Slack), but there is still talk of “deplorable behavior”: the next day, the whole world would see Elizabeth sitting alone in the chapel of St. George, in front of the coffin of her husband. It wasn’t during the lockdown this time, but it was still days of mourning for the country and for covid restrictions (the imite for outdoor receptions was six people). And these little parties in the garden, according to the many rumors circulated by the investigation in progress, were anything but informal business meetings. of the premier in the garden.

Surely the queen and her close family members will have found nothing to laugh about unlike the deputies of Westminster: these days Elizabeth, Prince Charles and his nephew William have to manage a much bigger problem than the awkward apologies of a premier in decline of popularity: the American investigation concerning Prince Andrew and the accusations of having had sex with minors by Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of the pedophile network that surrounded the millionaire Epstein.

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