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‘Passages’ is a film about the complexities, contradictions and brutalities that arise when love and desire come face to face. This is a sensuous drama with real insight into human relationships that you must watch this weekend.

As always, every Thursday premieres arrive at Cinepolis and Cinemax and if you’ve already seen the latest on Billboard, such as Megalodon 2: The Great Abyss, mad in trouble And museum curatorthen you must see stamp, From tomorrow you will be able to enjoy the new film directed by Ira SachsA thrilling psychological and erotic drama with real insight into the complexities, contradictions and cruelties involved in love and lust., We tell you everything you need to know about this tape that you definitely need to watch.

Starring actors Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw and Adele Exarchopoulos, the film takes place in the charming streets of Paris. Among them are Tomas and Martin, a gay couple whose marriage is in jeopardy when a third person enters. Tomas begins a passionate romance with Agathe, a young woman he meets after finishing his latest film. However, as Martin embarks on an adventure of his own, Tomas questions himself whether he is ready to accept the consequences of his decisions and face the situation before him.,

as also described by its protagonist adele’s lifeSacks’ film is “about the flesh and about desire”, depicting the amazing energy that comes from attraction regardless of gender., In this story about the difficulties associated with human intimacy, Exarchopoulos was enthralled by the fact that the characters are never labeled gay, straight, bisexual, or based around their sexual preferences, but rather the boundaries crossed in relationships and their The results are addressed. The result of going beyond possibilities.

as in life itself, in stamp We find the three men in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions that keep changing from moment to moment. And what could be better than the “City of Love” as the setting for a story about desire and passion? stamp An enthralling and captivating story that examines the inner debates that each of the protagonists face, as well as the many paths that open up with each of their choices.,

An intelligent and deeply humanistic film, stamp It traces three people’s first battle of will, which slowly escalates, to a place where they all have something in common: happiness that seems out of reach. don’t forget it stamp It hits theaters in Mexico on August 10 and you can buy tickets now Cinemax Plaza Patria, Cinemax Macroplaza, cinemax forum, Cinemax Delta Park, Cinemax Canek many more complexes,

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