“Passage to Paradise”, the unexpected reunion of Julia Roberts and George Clooney

There are marriages who live the joy of being happily ever after, but there are others who are just the opposite, walking a path full of problems that end up suffocating them to the point of exhaustion, causing their commitment to end, because there is more hate than love in the air.

That’s what happens with David Y Georgia Cottona former couple who decided to separate more than 20 years ago and the only thing that unites them, on special occasions, is their daughter Lilywho is now a recent graduate of the career of laws.

Both cannot be seen neither in painting nor remain together without there being conflictproblems and sarcastic and hurtful comments about each other, but life brings them together again and again, sharing seats side by side on airplanes or seats in the audience where is the graduation ceremony of Lily.

To the surprise of both, on the trip to graduation from her daughter to the beaches of Bali, she finds her better half and decides to get married less than a month after meeting Gede; So, Georgia and David, despite having a terrible relationship, decide to join forces to prevent this marriage attempt, because they fear that Lily will make the same mistake as them.

With this premise begins Passage to Paradiseromantic comedy feature film starring Julia Roberts Y George Clooney in the roles of Georgia and David Cotton, respectively, and that brings them back to the big screen after having worked on films like Big Scam: Ocean Eleven (2001), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), The new big scam (2004) and Money Monster (2016).

The director and screenwriter Oliver “Ol” Parker confesses that he decided to write the script for this film as a result of the health crisis to offer something fun, pleasant and that would be a distraction for the public, leaving behind the pandemic that confined the entire world.

“The world had completely changed. I thought about what I wanted to write and work on next and I ended up writing something that would make people happy, something upbeat and upbeat. Romantic comedies bring together a large audience to collectively laugh with each other and, after a few difficult years, it seemed like a beautiful thing to bring to the big screen”, emphasizes the director in the production notes of Passage to Paradise.

Something that stands out in this project is that Roberts and Clooney are not only actorsbut also function as executive producers of the feature film, which also had to be produced outside of balinesedue to restrictive sanitary measures, so they chose QLD, Australiafor also being a place with dream locations and because they offered tax incentives to shoot there.

“Ol Parker sent the script to both of us at the same time and said he had written the parts for me and Julia. So right after I read it, I called Julia up and said, ‘I’ll do it if you do it,’ and she said, ‘Well, I’ll do it if you do it.’ And not long after that, we were headed to Australia,” says Clooney.

The actors have become great friends over time and after getting involved in the productions mentioned, so it was an easy task to interpret this ex-partner hysterical and with constant problems. So much roberts What Clooney they fell into character almost immediately and without rehearsal.

“I think everyone was looking forward to the scene where we’re drinking until we’re drunk, a really funny scene with a lot of the cast together. The dance it was discussed in advance, but that day we did what we could think of at the time. It’s fair to say that it was different every take. I remember being very hot, sweaty and tired at the end of the night. And my cheeks hurt from laughing at George!” describes Roberts.

Passage to Paradise Had his world premiere in Barcelona on September 8, arrived at Australia on September 15 and also to United Kingdom on the 20th of the same month; now opens in Mexico this October 5, before it reaches USA on the 21st of the current month.

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