Passenger lands a plane in Florida due to an emergency

A passenger with no experience in piloting aircraft replaced the pilot of a plane that suffered a health problem and, with the help of the control tower of the Palm Beach International Airport (Florida), managed to land without problems.

The event, which occurred this Tuesday and worthy of a movie script, occupies a prominent place in the news in South Florida.

According to the WPTV television channel, the plane landed on Tuesday, May 10, at noon at the Palm Beach airport, in southeastern Florida, thanks to the instructions of an air traffic controller who is also a flight instructor.

In the single-engine Cessna 208 plane, only the pilot and the passenger who ended up in command of the aircraft were traveling.

In the audios broadcast by the media, the passenger, whose identity has not been released, is heard warning the control tower that “something serious is happening.”

“The pilot is incoherent, I have no idea how to fly a plane,” the passenger said.

From the control tower they responded by asking him where the plane was at that moment, to which the passenger replied: “I have no idea, but I see the Florida coast in front of me.”

After that, the controller gave him instructions on what to do, with special attention to “keep the wings level” and “descend at a very slow speed”.

After landing, it was reported that the pilot of the plane was hospitalized for undisclosed reasons and the controller and his student, the forced pilot, were congratulated for the “good job” they had done.

Aviation authorities are investigating the incident. EFE


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