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Lamor Whitehead, a bishop from New York City, United States, was conducting a live broadcast of a sermon when tThree masked people entered the premises with weapons.

According to the footage, Whitehead, who has been heavily criticized before for the luxuries he has in his life, was telling his congregation, “How many of you have lost your faith because you saw someone die?”, when the thieves entered the place and eventually had Whitehead lie on the floor while they searched for jewelry.

According to police reports,The men managed to steal jewelry belonging to Whitehead, his wife and some believers that have a price of up to 400 thousand dollars -almost 2 billion Colombian pesos-.

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In fact, in the video of the sermon you can see that Whitehead was wearing a large gold chain, as well as an oversized ring. So far, the perpetrators of the robbery have not been identified or arrested by the police.

Whitehead spoke to ‘CBS News’ and sent a message to the thieves in which, in addition to stating that he is praying for them, he asks them to turn themselves in. Furthermore, he added that “all pastors should be allowed to use guns.”

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As he told the outlet, Whitehead believes that the thieves knew very well who he and some members of his congregation were, in part because the media has previously mentioned that he drives a Rolls-Royce, a high-end car, so they assumed he had money.

The pastor, who also drives a high-end Rolls-Royce car, had made the news in May, when he tried to help the police with the arrest of Andrew Abdullah, the man accused of carrying out the shooting inside the New York subway service.

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However, his intervention was not necessary because the police succeeded in capturing Abdullah.

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