Pati Chapoy wanted Alex Lora to die in front of the “Ventaneando” cameras

(Photos: Instagram)
(Photos: Instagram)

Pati Chapoy She is one of the most renowned show hosts at the national level, but on this occasion, the presenter did not escape personal controversy, after assuring in the most recent edition of windowing wish that Alex Lora would die before the cameras of the famous evening of Aztec TV.

Everything happened during the presentation of the interview with the singer of El Tri, Well, Pati pointed out that -among the statements given by the interpreter of hits The Rolling Stones, Sad Song either Poor dreamer-they were some details about what you expect from his death.

“Let’s go with Alex Lora who says emphatically: ‘I’m not going to retire and I want to die on stage‘, I hope that (it is) in front of the cameras of Windowing”, Chapoy said to the laughter of the other drivers.

Although the comment did not go further, the driver’s brief slip was recorded on national television, but It was glimpsed that the intentions of the comment were more in a joking tone and affection towards the famous.

It was during a media meeting, broadcast by windowingwhere the rock performer mentioned that he was not yet ready to end his professional career.

“As long as you can keep going, you don’t have to let up. As long as it’s not broken, why fix it? I would like to die on stage and Rosa lying to me about the mother *”, he expressed.

Regarding the preparations he has, in case he perishes, Lora mentioned that he already has everything under control.

Alex Lora spoke about retirement (Photo: CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Alex Lora spoke about retirement (Photo: CUARTOSCURO.COM)

“Now I have had it in order for a long time, since we are a small family, pit seems that everything is fixed, although in this life one never knows what will happen. At any time everything can be worth cheese, peBut while life lasts, we have to try to enjoy it to the fullest.”, he pointed.

at the beginning of June Peter Aloneone of the program’s most beloved and controversial hosts windowing was hospitalized and Pati Chapoy was in charge of publicly sharing the news from her social networks.

Oh my dear @tiopedritosola so many worries. Get well soon…”, wrote the presenter star of Aztec TV in your account Twitter.

Chapoy uploaded the photo of his friend on networks (Photo: Twitter Pati chapoy)
Chapoy uploaded the photo of his friend on networks (Photo: Twitter Pati chapoy)

In the first instance, Chapoy did not give more details regarding the reasons that would have led to Little Pedro to the hospital, the driver shared a photograph of the current state of her partner.

In the image you can see Pedro Sola lying down and asleep on a stretcherLikewise, he was seen covered in sheets, with a mask and a large eye patch.

Although Pati Chapoy showed her concern for her friend’s health, she usedAryans of social networks did not forgive her for showing Pedro Sola in bad conditions.

Some Internet users pointed out that the driver did not empathize with the situation in which her friend is currently and added that showing the photograph he posted on Twitter It was in very bad taste.

“The value of the scoop, no one has ever dared so much”. “The photo is too much, Pati.” “You don’t like me, daughter, you don’t even respect your co-worker’s health.” “Friendship is friend”, were some of the mentions that appeared on this social network.


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