Patient with psychiatric problems murdered a hospital official in Boyacá

The authorities are investigating the causes of the event that occurred in a care center in Garagoa, Boyacá.

The fact has shocked the workers of the Tenza Valley Regional Hospital, which has II Level of Attention, because within the same facilities there was an attack by a patient against one of the officials.

Dora Isabel Franco Ramirez was attacked while he was providing his services in the assistance center.

“These unfortunate events they occur while a patient was under medical supervision due to psychiatric pathological factors, he attacked the worker causing her death. However, for now We do not know under what circumstances and with what elements this person was attacked. We are waiting for the opinion of legal medicine so that the exact form and cause of death can be clinically indicated,” he said. Colonel María Margarita Mantilla García, Commander in Charge of the Boyacá Police Department.

The assailant was caught immediately.: “through the reaction of the national police, the murderer was located inside the hospital establishment and was made available to the accusing body, who in turn had to appear before a guarantee control judge,”

The prosecution of the murderer of Dora Isabel Franco Ramirez will take place in the next few hours, where his capture will be legalized, charges will be brought against him and a judge will define whether or not the captured person is released.

This is how the tragedy happened

According to the manager of the Valle de Tenza Hospital, Gloria Yaneth Manrique Abril, “A 34-year-old male patient is admitted by the Emergency Service of the Garagoa headquarters, in the company of the Police and family, being assessed by the unit’s general practitioner, giving him the required treatment. Subsequently, he is admitted to the hospitalization area and left immobilized and sedated, care that was carried out with the human, scientific and technical resources according to the level of complexity and the services provided by the Hospital”.

He added that “During the delivery of the first medical shift, it is observed that the patient is not in the room and the protocols for these cases are activated. around noon a General Services official reports that there is an aggressive man in the laundry area and mentions that he is holding one of his colleagues. Given what happened, notice is given to the entity’s surveillance company and again to the Police, who arrive at the scene of the events.

The municipality’s firefighters also had to intervene in the search, who “open the door, accessing the laundry and finding the lifeless body of Mrs. Dora Isabel Franco Ramírez who was part of the General Services area”explained Manrique April.

Right away, “the presumed aggressor is again immobilized, sedated and transferred to the Emergency Department following the institutional medical protocols. He is currently referred to a more complex medical institution and is available to the competent authorities.”, pointed out the manager of the Valle de Tenza Hospital.

The Hospital declared itself in Mourning and health workers rejected the fact

The manager of the Valle de Tenza Hospital, Gloria Yaneth Manrique Abril, He deeply regretted the events that occurred during the weekend and assured that they mourn the institution.

He also pointed out that “the events are subject to investigation by the competent entities. We are providing health care services with total normality. The institution’s internal protocols have been activated. We are attentive to any situation or requirement by the competent entities. We strongly condemn this situation and we will help in everything that is in our power with the knowledgeable authorities”.

He argued that: “To Dorita’s family and friends we reiterate our voice of condolences. We are very sorry for this event and we extend our support to all his relatives”.

For its part, the mayor of Garagoa (Boyacá), Fabio Arévalo, expressed solidarity with the community, relatives and colleagues of the victim who “in this difficult moment we send on behalf of all Garagoenses a greeting of solidarity, strength and condolence to the relatives of Doña Dora Isabel Franco, an official of our appreciated Valley Regional Hospital of Tenza headquarters Garagoa, who unfortunately loses his life in an unfortunate event that leaves us much to reflect on as institutions. To all the family and all the staff of the appreciated hospital, our accompaniment and support.

An interagency team between officers of the Boyacá Police and the Technical Investigation Corps, CTI of the Attorney General’s Office, are in charge of putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to determine what happened and to ensure that the case does not go unpunished. .

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