Patuanelli today in Cremona: “You have been a reference for over seventy years”

CREMONA – The 2021 edition of the Cremona International Livestock Fairs opens its doors today and will continue until Sunday. At the official opening, scheduled at 12, the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli will speak, who in this speech brings his greetings to the historic Cremonese review.

GREETINGS FROM THE MINISTER.The Cremona International Livestock Farms have been an important reference point for the entire agro-zootechnical sector for over seventy years, one of the most important in national agriculture and absolutely central in Lombardy – writes Patuanelli -. Together with Veneto, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, here the largest share of Italian meat, milk and cheese production is concentrated in the province of Cremona“.

“In the last few years the livestock and dairy sector, despite the economic depth strongly oriented towards quality and excellence, had to face particularly significant challenges, from the crisis due to the health emergency, to the need to innovate farms and relaunch their competitiveness, directing them towards environmental sustainability also in light of the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials and finished products, electricity, gas and feed such as soy and corn ”.

INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. “A supply chain that has already done a lot, both in terms of innovation, introducing precision zootechnics in companies for years, in order to reduce emissions and the use of veterinary drugs, and in terms of sustainability, enhancing the well-being of animals: all aspects to be valued in the eyes of an increasingly attentive and aware consumer ».

«Precisely for this reason – continues Patuanelli – it is our duty to accompany and protect the livestock sector, as important for our economy as it is fundamental within the path that leads to the ecological transition from a circular economy perspective. With the National Strategic Plan, but also with the recent Budget Law and the PNRR, we intend to continue to implement this transition that the livestock sector is facing, combining the increase in productivity with the reduction of environmental impact, until reaching the programmed objectives. with the Green deal and the Fit for 55 climate package to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and to which farms must also contribute ».

BUDGET LAW. “In detail, the most important measures included in the Budget Law for the sector concern the Fund for supporting supply chains, with 160 million euros, 74.5 million euros for VAT compensation for the sales of live cattle and pigs, together to other horizontal measures of interest to the sector. In addition, last September I signed the decree for incentives for livestock sectors, which allocates 94 million euros for the pig, rabbit, meat and cow milk production chains, as well as that for sheep and goat breeding ».

“Precisely because of the importance of animal husbandry in our national economy, among the practices that can be incentivized by the eco-schemes envisaged by the new CAP, we have supported a specific eco-scheme for the sector, with two levels of commitment: the first concerns a payment aimed at achieving the objectives of reducing the consumption of antimicrobials in farms, while the second proposes a payment for grazing activities together with the adhesion to the national quality system for animal welfare, entrusting the certification body with the verification of compliance with grazing commitment “.

«Finally, with the PNNR we have provided important resources to encourage the agricultural and agricultural sector, thus allowing to renew the infrastructural equipment of the companies and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. These measures are accompanied by the 2 billion euro aimed at developing the production of energy from biogas, with positive repercussions also in the circular economy for animal husbandry, which is the basis of the issue of business profitability, which remains central to us “.

«These are important opportunities that will make it possible to direct livestock production towards more sustainable production processes and to convey the message to consumers. Proper communication is essential both to provide consumers with clear and complete information on livestock farms and to improve the competitiveness of businesses.
We are striving for counteracting the increase in prices and in particular the Mipaaf has initiated a discussion with all the players in the milk supply chain to arrive at an agreement that allowed a greater remuneration of producers with the agreement on the price of milk and the signing of the relative protocol. A fundamental step, which allows us to protect our excellence in the sector – put under pressure by increasingly narrow margins due to the increase in the costs of raw materials – and to safeguard the income of farmers. A commitment that continues on the institutional table of the sector, chaired by me, and which will have important consultative, monitoring and comparison tasks on the measures, to face the emergency and the structural problems of the supply chain “.

Income support and investments in supply chains represent the priorities for protecting the made in Italy, promoting the competitiveness and distinctiveness of agri-food products and making the large Italian supply chains, such as livestock and dairy products grow “.

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