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US media revealed this Friday the video of the attack suffered by Paul Pelosi, husband of the Democratic leader and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, last October.

David DePape, 42, was arrested after breaking into Pelosi’s mansion in San Francisco, with the intention of tying up the leader of the Democratic Party, who was in Washington at the time.

Not finding it, DePape threatened Paul Pelosi with attacking him if he did not confess to the Democratic “lies”, as reported by the United States Department of Justice at the time.

The attacker, who was carrying duct tape, rope and other objects, according to the Justice Department, attacked the 82-year-old husband of the influential politician, hitting him on the head with a hammer.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi.

Pelosi’s 911 call

On Friday, NBC News affiliate KNTV released body camera videos of police officers who came to Pelosi’s residence. They also revealed the 911 recordings of the moment in which the husband of the Democratic leader alerted about an intruder in his house.

In the call, Paul Pelosi told authorities that a man was at his home waiting for the return of his wife Nancy Pelosi. “He’s just waiting for her to come back. But she won’t be here for days, so I guess I’ll just have to wait,” he said, as quoted by NBC News.

Pelosi is asked multiple times by emergency services if everything is okay and if she has the situation under control.

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They also ask if you know the man who entered your residence. In this regard, Pelosi responds: “No. I do not know who is he. He is telling me not to do anything (…). He says that he is a friend, but I don’t know him.

According to the audio known to the US media, the attacker asks Pelosi to hang up the phone, so the last thing heard is: “You want me to hang up the phone, okay?”

The video of the attack

At the same time, the video released this Friday shows the moment in which the agents arrive at the residence of Paul and Nancy Pelosi. A few seconds later, the husband of the Democratic leader opens the door in the company of the attacker.

Both Pelosi and the attacker are holding a hammer as the police ask them what is going on. After a struggle – and after telling the police that he will not drop the weapon -, the attacker takes the hammer and attacks Paul directly on his head.

At that moment, the two police officers enter the residence and try to separate the attacker from the victim.

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The video also shows the moment in which the attacker is removed and Paul Pelosi can be seen lying unconscious on the floor after receiving a strong blow to the head.

The attack occurred in about 14 seconds from the time authorities arrive at the residence to the time Pelosi is attacked.

It should be remembered that this attack caused Paul a skull fracture and other injuries to his armsapparently while trying to defend himself.

Pelosi’s attacker faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a weapon, burglary, threatening a public official, among others. At the federal level, he is accused of the crimes of attempted kidnapping and assault.

DePape refused to accept the charges, saying he only went to Pelosi’s residence to make small talk with the Democratic leader.


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