Paulina Rubio is sued by Colate: she accuses her of being a negligent mother with her son in common

Paulina Rubio and Nicolás Vallejo Nágera ‘Colate’.

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You could say that Pauline Rubio It is going through one of its best moments. With a tour at the door, which will be carried out by Alejandra Guzmán, and about to release new music.

‘La Chica Dorada’ could not be more excited about the new direction her professional life has taken, especially after the well-deserved tribute that was paid to her during the recent Lo Nuestro Award gala, where she was recognized for her 30 years of trajectory.

However, it is on the private side that the singer finds herself in controversy again, since now it has come to light that her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo Nágera has again taken legal action against him to demand that the Miami family court force him to hand over his only son, Nicolás, whose custody they share.

“The Spanish asked the Miami Family Court on February 18 to order the singer to immediately hand over the minorwhose custody they share, worried about two things that he exposes in his claim, “he said on the ‘Ventaneando’ program.

The Spanish businessman known as Colate accuses Paulina of being a neglectful mother alleging that he left on a trip before discovering the results of some tests for the coronavirus that his firstborn had undergone and adds that he took him to a very busy restaurant when he still tested positive.

“First: ‘that the child was infected with Covid-19 and Paulina was negligent in her care’; and second, ‘that the singer encourages the absenteeism of the child in the school he attends’”, they commented on the Mexican show program.

The minor has allegedly been absent too often from school and Colate offered as proof of this a letter sent by the schoolin which the director reproaches Rubio for not informing her that the child had been infected and also assures her that her frequent absences are affecting her academic performance, as detailed in the broadcast.

Last week it seemed that Paulina Rubio had found some stability in her relationships with the parents of her two children, with whom she has often clashed in court over custody.

And it is that the Mexican singer dedicated a special thanks to them during the tribute that was made to him in Premio Lo Nuestro, but it is obvious that Nicolás Vallejo is not willing to accept it.

“To all the fans, thank you very much. I want to thank everyone. I love you mama. Thank you for everything you have given me. To my brother Enrique, to my sons Eros and Nico, to the parents of the children, and above all to all of you for making me grow and being part of this stage for another year”, he expressed at the beginning of his speech.

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