PC was the gaming platform of choice for users in 2022

What was the gaming platform preferred by the most gamers in the year 2022? In which system was played the longest? This data could well be used as a banner for those who still fervently live the console war, but it can also be an indicator of trends in where more time is spent playing. In the end, in 2022, the most popular gaming platform was the PCwhich encompasses all games on Windows and Mac.

This data comes from the Howlongtobeat portal, a portal dedicated to collecting how long it takes players to beat a game, so that anyone can consult. It should be said that being a platform made by user content, there is a certain tendency for a very dedicated player profile to have a special presence, and who wants to calculate how much it costs them to beat a game, looking for titles whose duration fits into their schedules. It is a very dedicated and concrete profile, but it is still a way to see which platform was the best option for many to play video games in 2022.

The PC dominated as the preferred gaming platform in 2022

Howlongtobeat published the ranking of gaming platforms based on their data collected in 2022, which is as follows.

  1. pc
  2. Playstation 4
  3. nintendoswitch
  4. playstation 5
  5. Xbox One
  6. Playstation 3
  7. xbox-series
  8. Xbox 360
  9. Nintendo 3DS
  10. Playstation 2

It is seen that, after PC, PS4 was second most popular option, and therefore, the most popular dedicated console of the past year. Nintendo Switch follows, above PS5. The PS3 from two generations ago is above the Xbox series, and the Xbox 360 is still popular. The 3DS is still among the most used, as it still has a wide catalog of games, and until just six years ago they had not games began to stop coming out, and despite the launch of Nintendo Switch, titles even published by Nintendo came out to take advantage of users who had not yet launched for the new console.

MC320 mars gaming pc case rgb

In tenth place, there is the PS2, and it is not surprising, because it has a huge catalog of games, one of the most extensive. There is also that console emulation has become more efficient as users have better performing PCs which give fewer problems when emulating games of the PS2 and GameCube generation.

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