Peace comes between Shakira and Gerard Piqué

The latest news between Shakira and Pique is that the two are on good terms at the moment and although it sounds strange to think about it, the truth is that the former couple are not on talking terms at the moment. So it can be said that at present there is peace in the relationship between the two.,

Both Barcelona and the Colombian have to keep in touch and maintain relations, dBecause they are parents to two young children, Milan and Sasha, This is why Shakira has not been able to avoid the former football player, because if it were up to her, she would never see Piqué again for the rest of her life. However, by sharing said responsibility, Shakira has to let the businessman see her children, and there is an active agreement to this. The agreement has been followed by both the parties in letter and spirit, so no problem is visible at this point of time.

piqué and shakira know how to take things

Neither the ex-footballers nor the singer have mentioned each other again in recent months.This led to a very quiet relationship, accompanied by the numerous paparazzi and media attention that was on top of each member of the former couple, which did not even allow them to think clearly.

Now, Pique is living a fairly quiet life in Barcelona with his current partner Clara Chia, although there are rumors the Barcelona man may be looking for another place to reside., To be close to your children. Shakira, along with her children and parents, has settled in Miami, and is living in a million dollar house that the Colombian woman bought years ago. She is on American soil as a free woman, and has been the talk of the town for her relationship with famed Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Despite the distance, both Shakira and Piqué had to live under an agreement so that Piqué could see their children, and entourage on both sides assured that all was well.

agreement with ex

Shakira stays with the kids most of the time. Piqué relinquished custody of her children to avoid further legal proceedings that could impact the children, however, this does not mean she does not have the right to see them. He can visit them every month, taking into account all the travel expenses, and he can also find them in Spain during the holidays of Sasha and Milan, something that Barcelona has accomplished in all its splendor, making the Colombian And get a good deal with the legal ones. papers.

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