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Through a message on a Twitter account, the Minister of Justice and Security of El Salvador, Gustavo Villatoroannounced that the government of his country finished the process of expulsion of the Barranquillera Margareth Lizeth Chacón Zúñigawho is wanted by the Colombian authorities for being involved in the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Peciperpetrated on May 10, 2022 in baru.

The woman landed in Colombia after 7 p.m. in Colombia, as could be seen in a photograph obtained this Saturday by the Investigative Unit of EL TIEMPO.

(Context: This was the capture of a key woman in the crime of prosecutor Pecci)

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The Colombian woman had been arrested this week in a populous neighborhood of Antiguo Cuscatlán, where she had been hiding since last May.

Chacón Zúñiga was wanted by the Colombian authorities for having participated in the coordination meetings for the assassination of Paraguayan drug prosecutorMarcelo Pecci, riddled with gunmen on the beach of Barú.

“We have completed the process of expulsion of Margareth Lizeth Chacón Zúñiga, who is required by the Colombian justice for her participation in the murder of the Paraguayan anti-mafias prosecutor Marcelo Pecci,” the Minister wrote on the social network, a message in which he reiterated that “The Salvador will not be a refuge for international criminals.”

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The Colombian Margareth Lizeth Chacón was transferred to the airport by agents of the PNC and Interpol.


Taken from Twitter: Gustavo Villatoro account

‘Margie’, as she called herself, had been in El Salvador since May 26, 2022, according to the records of the Salvadoran authorities, but it was not until Friday, January 13, that they received the information from the International Police (Interpol) that the fugitive could be in that country.

The detainee boarded a Colombian police plane at the San Óscar Romero International Airport, which takes her to the country.

“In this way, we also comply with the collaboration agreements between our countries and give a new contribution to the international community in the exercise of justice over a heinous crime that impacted Latin America in May of last year,” Villatoro said after notifying the expulsion of the noted collaborator in the murder of the famous Paraguayan prosecutor.

Chacón Zúñiga, 42, was captured on Wednesday together with the Salvadoran wilbert rodriguez47, who according to the Minister of Justice and Public Security, will be accused of illegal groups after having helped her hide in the country.

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The Colombian is the couple of Andres Felipe Perez Hoyos, who together with his brother Ramón, were the ones who “planned, paid and hired the perpetrators of the prosecutor’s murder.” The woman would have had a direct incidence in the crime.
According to the authorities, Chacón has in his possession relevant information that would help to clarify the crime of the anti-mafia prosecutor.


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