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President peter castle He will not go today, Thursday, to the headquarters of the Public Ministry, where he must be questioned about the investigation that follows him for the alleged irregular promotions in the Armed Forces and the National Police.

This was confirmed yesterday by his lawyer Benji Espinoza after the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, stated that it was not appropriate for the prosecution to go to the Government Palace to take Castillo’s statements, as the president’s legal defense had requested.

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“I announce that the president is not going to go tomorrow [hoy]. If they want their statement, let them come and receive it at the Government Palace,” Espinoza said on Channel N.

According to the lawyer, arrangements had already been made for the prosecution to appear at the Palace.

However, the head of the Public Ministry assured that the lawyer’s request for the prosecution to go to the seat of government only applies in the case of witnesses and not for those under investigation.

“In this case, when being investigated, he has the condition of attending the prosecutor’s office. […] The summons is to the tax office,” he commented on RPP.

The president is being investigated for alleged influence peddling, illegal sponsorship and criminal organization.

Benavides announced that facts that would implicate the president in possible money laundering are being evaluated.

When asked about a possible request for preventive detention for Castillo, she did not rule it out. “There are interpretations of the articles of the Constitution. Our performance as Public Ministry will continue according to the Constitution and according to the Criminal Procedure Code”, he answered.

Benavides offered these statements after, on Tuesday night, Castillo questioned his actions on social networks due to the departure of the supreme prosecutors who were investigating the criminal organization Los Necks Blancos del Puerto.

“The Peruvian people want to know why the prosecutorial investigation team for the Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto case has been dismantled. I notify the international community of these serious events about which many remain silent,” the president wrote on Twitter.

The National Prosecutor rejected these claims. “What we did was put order into the White Collars special team,” she explained.

They reject request

Trade learned that the diligence will be directed by Deputy Supreme Prosecutor Marco Huamán, from the Specialized Area for Constitutional Complaints.

Yesterday, after Benavides’ statements, prosecutor Huamán responded to the request of lawyer Benji Espinoza. “There is no place for what was pointed out by the investigated José Pedro Castillo, regarding the fact that his investigative statement, to be taken on August 4 of this year, is made in the presidential office,” he reported.

Along the same lines as Patricia Benavides, the magistrate specified that Castillo’s statement should be made in the Specialized Area for Illicit Enrichment and Constitutional Complaints of the Public Ministry, on the eighth floor of the building located in downtown Lima.


Through a statement, the Board of Supreme Prosecutors of the Public Ministry -headed by the National Prosecutor- spoke after Castillo’s expressions on Twitter.

In the document, the magistrates defended their jurisdiction, assuring that the Public Ministry is one of the pillars of democracy. They added that, according to article 158 of the Magna Carta, it is an autonomous body in charge of prosecuting crime and defending legality.

“All the actions carried out by the Public Ministry are carried out within the framework of constitutional autonomy without any type of political, economic or media interference,” they pointed out.



The interrogation to President Pedro Castillo is scheduled for today Thursday at 9 am

Castle He was also summoned by the National Prosecutor’s Office for August 9 for the investigation opened after the removal of former minister Mariano González.

in your message to the nation on July 28, the president had assured that he was submitting “to justice to clarify the crimes that they intend to impute to me.”

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