Pedro el Escamoso: this is what Miguel Varoni looks like after his facial surgery

Pedro el Escamoso was a renowned Colombian telenovela that was produced by Luis Felipe Salamanca and Dago García and was broadcast worldwide on Caracol TV. Who was in charge of embodying the main character was the actor Miguel Varoniwho almost 20 years later, surprised with facial surgery.

Peter the Scaled It aired between 2001 and 2003, but for those who couldn’t see it when it first came out, it has been available since April 1 on the Netflix streaming platform. However, unlike the original telenovela, only 315 chapters are available. The story tells of Pedro, an inveterate womanizer who arrives in Bogotá because of a problem with women.

Who was in charge of putting himself in the shoes of Peter the Scaled It was the Argentine but nationalized Colombian actor, Miguel Varoni. His real name is Miguel Américo Belloto Gutiérrez and his entire artistic career was developed in Colombia. For years, he has been living in Miami with his wife and became famous for making the ‘pirulino dance’ popular. Currently, he is an outstanding director and screenwriter.

In social networks, Miguel Varoni was harshly criticized for undergoing facial surgery. the protagonist of Peter the Scaled He entered the operating room in February of this year where he underwent a treatment to rejuvenate himself. The 57-year-old actor’s surgeon shared the before and after of the operation. What was applied to him was the facelift procedure with no visible scars.

This was the treatment that Miguel Varoni underwent. Source Instagram @alangonzalezmd

Given the criticism received on social networks, Peter the Scaled He replied: “I read the comments of people who call me stupid, why is it not accepted and I understand them, but I am very happy.” On his Instagram account, Varoni accumulates more than 2 million followers where he shares work material and photos of him with his family.

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