Pedro Pascal will star in one of Marvel’s most important films: who will he play

The Chilean actor has established himself as a Hollywood celebrity and has received an irresistible offer to become the face of the long-awaited project.

Chilean actor Pedro Pascal was selected by Marvel Studios to star in the remake of the film Fantastic Four (2025), so he will play the role of Reed Richards.

The news was confirmed by the Deadline portal, where they reported: “Pedro Pascal is in advanced talks to play the leader of the iconic superhero team.” When we consulted Marvel Studios, they did not comment or deny this fact.

Now, thanks to the appointment of the Chilean actor as Mister Fantastic, the company can begin to decide who will accompany him, because “it was necessary to determine who would play the role of Reed Richards before they could The team can present proposals to the members.” Linked to the latter, it was confirmed in recent weeks that Mila Kunis would not be a part of the film.

Finally, Deadline notes that Marvel hopes to film the film in early 2024, so expect the cast to fill out quickly. In this way, there may be new developments soon, and the appointment of Pascal as the protagonist could bring new Latin American figures for the near future.

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