Pedro Pierluisi assures that he never found out that his friend Joseph Fuentes was cooperating in a federal investigation

The governor Peter Pierluisi today denied that at any time he was aware that his friend and former collector, the federal convict Joseph Fuentes Fernández, was collaborating with the US government in the investigation that resulted in the arrest of former Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced and the accusations against several close associates of his 2020 political campaign.

In the least, as the federal prosecutor said (Stephen Muldrow) repeatedly, I have absolutely nothing to do with this. I had no knowledge of that undercover investigation,” the president said in a television interview.

Fuentes Fernández was convicted last May in relation to the scheme he created to finance the super political action committee (Súper PAC) Let’s save Puerto Ricoan entity that during the primary contest of the New Progressive Party (PNP) promoted a campaign against the then governor Vázquez Garced and in favor of Pierluisi.

From the indictment that the federal prosecutor presented yesterday against Vázquez Garced, and the allegations for which John Blakeman, one of the former governor’s political associates, accepted guilt, it appears that Fuentes Fernández collaborated with the authorities by posing as a representative of the campaign of Pierluisi.

Specifically, Fuentes Fernández would have proposed the Venezuelan banker Julio Martin Herrera Velutini to help finance Pierluisi’s gubernatorial campaign in exchange for being favored through official efforts.

“I saw him (Muldrow) denying at all times that I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I did not know that this investigation was ongoing. Nor was he aware that Mr. Fuentes was cooperating with federal authorities in the case against Mr. Herrera. That detail I did not have at the time and I really know what you know, “said Pierluisi.

Pierluisi, who has accepted that he had a friendly relationship with Fuentes Fernández, and even that he received him on multiple occasions in Strengthat the time of his guilty plea on May 5, assured that he never spoke with the accountant about Bancredito International Bank & Trustthe financial institution of Herrera Velutini that operated from San Juan and that, since 2019, was the subject of an investigation by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF).

“The indictment (of Vázquez Garced) says, regarding Mr. Fuentes Fernández, that everything he did was done at the direction of the federal authorities and in my case, again, I had absolutely nothing to do with this, nor when that investigation took place, I had the details of that investigation and I never had contact not only with Fuentes Fernández on this matter, but also with the federal authorities,” said the chief executive, stressing that, under his administration, the “supervision” of Bancrédito has continued, to the point that the financial entity is in a process of dissolution as ordered by the OCIF.

Vázquez Garced defends escort service

Meanwhile, Pierluisi said he understands the annoyance with the police escort service that Vázquez Garced, as a former governor, will continue to receive while her judicial process is aired. However, she stressed that, under the current rule of law, her administration has no other alternative than to continue offering the service.

“Seeing that the town’s resources are being used, for example, to transport or take someone to court where they are being accused by federal authorities for a matter of corruption, that should shock anyone. But I recognize that the law assists you, gives you that right. It is an acquired right. And that is why I also understand the Secretary of Public Security (Alexis Torres) when he says that he is going to keep it until we have the result”, he stressed.

Federal charges against Vázquez Garced related to the financing of her political campaign include conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud, and if convicted, she could receive a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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