Pedro Pierluisi eliminates the mandate to wear a mask and capacity restrictions due to COVID-19

The governor Peter Pierluisi announced this Monday a series of changes in the measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19including the removal of the mandate to wear masks in outdoor or indoor areas, with several exceptions.

At a press conference, Pierluisi indicated that the use of a mask will be a requirement only in health facilities and care centers. In addition, its use is recommended in places where it cannot be verified that everyone is vaccinated.

Other health facilities where the mask will be required are: hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.

The governor stressed that the Health Department may require masks in other settings, as it deems necessary to prevent contagion, including in school classrooms, child care centers and universities.

“Each employer or public or private operator, at their discretion, may implement health measures that they deem necessary, including requiring the use of masks,” La Fortaleza added in writing.

On the other hand, the president eliminated all capacity restrictions imposed so far to stop the transmission of the virus, in public and private entities.

Likewise, the screening requirement on the vaccination status or test in public and private establishments, such as restaurants, hammocks, community centers, among others, is eliminated. Each operator of such establishments, at its discretion, may implement the health measures that it understands correspond to its type of operation, including the screening of its visitors.

As for mass activities, they will be allowed, although the Secretary of Health will establish the protocol, to be followed in activities of more than 1,000 people.

Specifically, any mass activity of more than 1,000 people carried out in theaters, amphitheaters, stadiums, coliseums, convention centers, whether indoors or outdoors, must comply with the protocol issued by the Secretary Carlos Mellado.

Meanwhile, the requirement to fill out the Traveler’s Declaration or present the VACUUM ID at airports from March 10. Genomic surveillance and voluntary testing centers at airports will remain available until required by the Department of Health.

In addition, all existing vaccination mandates will pass to the Health jurisdiction. The executive orders on vaccination mandates are without effect and it will be the Department of Health that will establish guidelines through an administrative order.

These measures take effect on Thursday, March 10.

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