Penelope Cruz and Bizarap: what is the reason for their unexpected meeting?

what were they doing Penelope Cruz and Bizarre Together? That is the question the entire internet is asking and here we are to solve it.

It was the weekend when the Spanish actress and the Argentine producer surprised the whole world by posing together on social networks, giving rise to many doubts among fans whether it was a future project that would already be in planning.

Penelope Cruz and Bizarrap together in Madrid

As ‘Biza’ is also fondly known as DJ, he released the single ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’. shakira, His career ended and the successes did not cease to exist. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that since then, the Argentine star has had no shortage of work offers and collaborations and her social circle in the world of entertainment has grown tremendously.

Recently, the friendship that surprised his fans the most was the friendship that Bizarap had with Penelope Cruz.

The meeting of the ‘Music Sessions’ producer with the actress has created a lot of anticipation on social networks.

Instagram @penelopecruzoficial

This meeting would have happened after BizaRap arrived in Madrid to promote his music session 56, which he completed Raw Alejandro.

During his visit to the Spanish capital, the producer may have met the Hollywood actress during a party, to which the interpreter of hits such as ‘Madres paralles’ and ‘Bandidas’ did not resist approaching Biza and asking him for a picture will be.

With over six million followers on Instagram, Cruz posted a series of photos with the following message: ‘Del Biza, blow up the track for me!’ The producer, on his part, quickly replied: ‘Nice to meet you, P’.

The Argentine producer is enjoying a few days in Spain to promote his latest song with Rau Alejandro and met the 49-year-old actress during a party.

Instagram @penelopecruzoficial

The publication immediately generated thousands of reactions among fans of the duo. “Epic, both beautiful”, “I don’t know who I like more”, “I can’t think of anything more beautiful than you two”, read the comments section.

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