Penelope Cruz, leading the way in winning an Oscar and becoming a Geox ambassador

If there is any Spanish actress who is admired in Hollywood and appreciated by the public globally, it is her Penelope Cruz. The actor who won an Oscar for his role in the feature film in 2008 “Vicky Christina Barcelona” She is the first ambassador of Geox. The Italian brand has included her in the launch of its women’s collection Autumn-Winter 23-24, But also in the season campaign Spring-summer 24. Geox aims to achieve success and become a world leader in this field. To date, the achievements of the Italian company have earned it a position in the market, but it stands out especially among the female audience.

“Our company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and we are delighted to have Penélope Cruz as our first GEOX Ambassador. He adds, “She will bring our new brand positioning to the world as she embodies the evolution of style that blurs the line between beauty, wellness and comfort, a winning philosophy that underpins the design of our products. Have done.” Mario Moretti Polegato, Founder and Chairman of Geox. For his part, Livio Librelesso, CEO of Geox, commented “A sponsor like Penélope Cruz, who has great credibility, will contribute her professionalism, simplicity, grace and character to the brand’s communications.” However, the campaign is sponsored by the agency M&C Saatchi of Milan. In addition, there are producers of pictures and advertising filmed in Madrid. gray sorrentii, Photographer and film director. Meanwhile, music has been composed Eduardo Cruz, Penelope’s brother.

Geox by Penelope and Monica Cruz: a design created by sisters

Penélope Cruz joins her sister Monica Cruz in designing a new capsule collection for the brand.

Oscar-winning actress who became a girl almodovar And is a glamor icon, not only is she an international ambassador, but she is also a designer Geox. She has teamed up with her sister Monica, who is a dancer and actress, to design a new capsule collection that will be launched next year. Its values ​​are based on reflecting an elegant, comfortable and practical style. “During the last 20 years, Monica and I have designed different collections for many brands. We are passionate about fashion and love working together. So we decided to do it together again.” Penelope announced.

Penelope and Monica’s Capsule For Geox It invites confidence when you move towards concepts like essence and comfort. Among the pieces she’s designed for this new line are urban-style anoraks for women who want to feel good all day long. Also noteworthy are the lightweight jackets that resist spring rains thanks to the incredible Geox technical fabrics, which are a guarantee of comfort. These trends will be available in stores Geox From February 2024 onwards from across the world and on its official website.

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