“People are riddled me”, confesses pointed to being Piqué’s lover and denies knowing him

After the Colombian singer Shakira confirmed her separation from the Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué, after 12 years of romantic relationship, the main Spanish newspapers have revealed some details that would be behind the breakup of the couple.

This week, journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas stated in the magazine Heart that the central defender would be dating a 25-year-old girl. Likewise, the renowned presenters Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez (from the program The Mamarazzis) released new details of the woman with whom the soccer player would have been unfaithful to the Barranquilla woman, who would move to the United States in the coming days.

The communicators stated in their most recent program that the Spanish defender and his alleged lover would spend time together in a well-known bar in the Catalan capital. In addition, they indicated that the young woman apparently works in that place.

“This girl has her private Instagram account. She has very marked cheekbones, the truth is that the shape of her face seems very characteristic to me because she has a lot of cheekbones. She has a very marked face, ”one of the presenters initially indicated.

“She is not one of those girls with the face of a doll. She is blonde and in many photographs she is like a very young girl, with a very basic and tiny t-shirt, but when she gets dressed up she is exuberant.. On Monday we realized that she had blocked us, “added the journalist, who did not reveal the identity of the young woman.

After the presenters gave details of the appearance of the singer’s alleged lover, a woman with the same characteristics denied in an interview with the program socialite, of the Telecinco channel, meet Piqué.

“I would like to clarify that I don’t know Gerard Piqué at allthey have related me to him nonsense because of the description of the supposed girl and they have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social networks because I am in final exams, ”said the woman with the initials CM to the program, according to the media Brand.

“It’s not me and I don’t know her, so I ask you to please leave me alone, people are shooting at me for things I haven’t done, anything that comes out with my name will be answered with a lawsuit,” added the young woman , who reiterated that they leave her “in peace” and assured that they have told her that the real young woman who would be related to the soccer player would be known “shortly”.

First rumors of the breakup

It should be remembered that Laura Fa, one of the presenters of The Mamarazziswas the first to reveal the difficult situation that the couple was experiencing and stated in a podcast that the Colombian singer would have discovered the defender with another woman, for which they stopped living together.

“What they tell me is the following: ‘Shakira has caught Piqué with another woman and they are going to separate’. There is a crisis! ”, Reported the famous presenter, who did not want to reveal the source that she gave him that information.

The Catalan He emphasized at that time that the sentimental relationship between the Barranquillera and the Spaniard had not been good for a long time. In addition, he pointed out that Piqué went to live in an exclusive apartment in that city.

“They already live in different places. Gerard is in the center of Barcelona, ​​in his bachelor flat. He goes wild from party to party. It is evident that there is a crisis, because there would be a third person, of which Shakira has been aware “, concluded Laura Fa in the podcast.

The presenter José Antonio Avilés finally assured this week that Shakira and the central defender had an open relationship, since they had been in crisis for several months.

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