“People began to know me for who I am and that is a unique experience”

She looks like an angel. Very blonde, with rosy cheeks and a white lace dress by Paco Rabanne, does not stop smiling and speaks with a very sweet voice. Clearly, she and her sister Dakota have broken the curse of child actors who end up as broken toys, even though fame has been with them since they were very young. “My sister started working as an actress before me, so somehow, I have always known fame. All my life she has been famous,” she tells us. The confusion with her older sister began when she began to work in the cinema, but she immediately found her own place in Hollywood thanks to her work in films such as Super 8, maleficent either The Neon Demon. “As I grew older, becoming an individual person, people began to know me for being who I am and that is a unique experience.”

But, despite liking it, fame has not gone to his head. “I think fame is a complicated thing,” says the actress. “I try to use my position, my Instagram or talking to my fans to do good things and express myself as I am.” That facet does not mean that she does not feel flirtatious, she confesses that she likes red carpets, getting ready, meeting people and being able to work with brands like Paco Rabanne. “It is a very iconic brand since the 60s, so avant-gardedifferent, for a glamorous, sparkling girl. A self-confident girl who wants to attract attention and I always try to attract attention.”

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Bottle the essence of fame

FAME, the new women’s fragrance by Paco Rabanne, is a perfume with the soul of a star, an icon. Sensual, assertive and irresistibly feminine, it is a fragrance with the power to empower the wearer. “Self-care, loving yourself and treating yourself well makes you feel empowered,” Elle explains. “When you get ready in the morning for the rest of the day or if you are going to get ready for a night out, perfume can be the icing on the cake, that improves your mood. With this fragrance (FAME) you create an armor that loads you with security.”

And how not to do it? FAME is an instant classic. We are before the first creamy incense fragrance, a duality that leaves room for sensuality but also innovation, since the ingredients of the perfume have been obtained in a way that respects the environment. Composed of a chord of delicate jasmine from Grassea trio of addictive and sensual incense sustainably sourced and mango chord that gives the juicy touch to the whole, it becomes a fragrance that falls in love from the first moment. A super feminine, irresistible perfume that makes all women shine in all their facets.

© Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

Its creators are part of the elite of perfumers: Dora Bagchriche, Alberto Morillas, Marie Salamagne Y Fabrice Pellegrin they are responsible for the creation of this elixir. “The whole idea of ​​perfume started with incense, very creamy and intense. We were looking for an ingredient that would give a timeless touch to the fragrance and these three incenses provided it for us”, explains Dora Bagchriche. “The three incenses together create something really new in perfumery because with them the note of incense is present in the three levels of the perfume”, explains Alberto Morillas. “In the beginning, interact with the mangothen with the jasmine heart and, in the background, with sandalwood, very creamy and very natural.” In this way, a note that we normally find as a base note, becomes the protagonist of the fragrance.

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