Pepe Aguilar asks for help in networks, his family is responsible

Pepe Aguilar can’t stand it anymore exploitation he is going through, so much so that he decided to give a cry of help in their social networks and thus expose the terrible situation in which they have not only their production and work team, but their own family.

The dad of Angela Aguilar and famous singer, Pepe Aguilar, returns to talk about after the recent and painful moment that his family experienced, when some photos of his little daughter, along with a man older than her and a member of her close work team, were published without authorization, showing the young singer in a romantic and private situation.

Event that caused the entire Aguilar dynasty to put itself in the eye of the hurricane, because the interpreter of “La Llorona” even published a video in which she tearfully expressed how bad she felt for being exposed in that way and for living for the first time time an intrusion of that level in his personal life.

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Pepe Aguilar asks for help because he lives labor exploitation

Pepe Aguilar asks for help because he is experiencing labor exploitation. Photo; Instagram.

However, after the embarrassing chapter they went through, as a good family of artists, they have continued with their careers and work commitments, hence the son of Don Antonio Aguilar; Pepe Aguilar, will speak out against the exploitation he is suffering at the moment, because he can no longer stand so many walks, trips and presentations that he and his children have to do in Mexico and the United States.

This was expressed from the city of New York, in a publication in which the singer is seen in the photo with his two “exploiters”; his wife, Aneliz Álvarez-Álcala and Ángela Aguilar, “suffering” from one of the most cosmopolitan and important cities in the world.

In said photo, the singer expressed his discomfort at having been in Paris, Houston, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and New York, for which he communicated his “cry for help” to his 2 million followers on Instagram, since he can no longer take so much walking .

Last Thursday we were in Paris, on Friday in Houston, on Saturday I sang at the palenque of the San Marcos fair, on Sunday we went to Tayahua and then that same night Angela impressively closed the cultural festival of Zacatecas, in the main square of the capital of the state and today we are already in NEW YORK !!!”, wrote the singer.

Also, Pepe Aguilar made an important clarification, as he assured that writing about his travels, his photo in New York and expressing his tiredness about it is not about showing off his lifestyle.

This post is not presumption RATHER IS A CRY FOR HELP !!!! I can no longer stand the exploitation of these individuals!!! (my family and team)”, Aguilar confessed.

Without a doubt, having two million followers, this publication did not go unnoticed and received comments from several of his followers, from what they say Pepe Aguilar You should enjoy time with your loved ones and some who recognized the long career you have achieved to this day.

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