Pepe Aguilar questions Ángela why her neckline is so pronounced

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Pepe Aguilar he is a jealous father, Ángela, his daughter, has confessed it on several occasions; however, they have a relationship full of love and understanding that is enviable for many of the artists who try to guide their children along the artistic path.

He recently made a rather comical play in front of his daughter who was offering an interview for the Mexican television program “windowing“. When I was talking with Pati Chapoy, the singer interfered, causing Angela an embarrassing moment by revealing that she had an upset stomach.

The so-called “Princess of the Mexican Regional” blushed a little but continued the interview as a professional. She later reprimanded her father for revealing intimacies, but she continued to answer the entertainment journalist’s questions.

The Government of Zacatecas recognized the career of both during an event. They gladly attended accompanying each other as father and daughter loving and proud of each other to receive such an exciting award for their career in the Mexican regional. But Angela had an awkward moment again thanks to her father who publicly questioned her wardrobe so uncovered for her appearance.

“Three things to tell you: congratulations on the recognition, the first. The second, do we have a song? And the third, why is that dress you’re wearing so low-cut?” Pepe Aguilar said in front of everyone.

Immediately Angela Aguilar embarrassed, she covered her chest and let out a laugh full of nerves at the public attention call from her father.

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