Pepe Aguilar scolds Ángela for her revealing dress

Pepe Aguilar scolded Ángela for her revealing dress!

Ángela Aguilar adds a great responsibility to her list, after becoming Cultural Ambassador of Zacatecas in the World. The daughter of Pepe Aguilar, she received the appointment from the government of the state where her famous grandfather was born, the late Don Anthony Aguilar.

The state governor, David Monreal, not only highlighted the rising career of the singer with Mexican roots, but also emphasized the social bond of the Aguilar family in the town. Likewise, she praised the pride of the Aguilars, towards the state that has sheltered her family for generations.

Pepe and Angela Aguilar/Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Pepe and Angela Aguilar/Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

“A family that has given a lot to our state and that, with figures like Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, placed Zacatecas in the eyes of the world and that was known beyond the borders,” Monreal said about the family. “There are plenty of reasons to recover the values ​​of our family, to fight for the regeneration of the social fabric and I am sure that the Aguilar family will help us”.

The young singer – who was born in the United States – accepted the distinction, promising to show off her family’s cultural heritage, to which her father paid tribute that night.

“Zacatecas is unique, it is worth fighting for Zacatecas, everyone, from their trench, and I fight this way, with music,” he said during his brief speech at the event, according to the Mexican press. “I am very proud of my little homeland, of my blessed Zacatecas.”

As well as his famous daughter, who received the tireless applause of the public during a legendary presentation after the appointment. But like any protective father, the singer could not let go unnoticed a detail that was not to his liking. In the middle of the concert, Pepe stopped to scold and claim his successful daughter for the revealing dress he wore.

“Two things to tell you, well, three,” the singer interrupted. “Many congratulations, the first. The second, shall we have a song? And the third, why is that dump you’re wearing so low-cut?”

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Faced with her father’s jealous claim, the 18-year-old girl did nothing but blush and try to cover her cleavage for a moment. The scolding did not go beyond and immediately father and daughter sang a song together to the delight of those present.

Since her beginnings as a singer, Ángela has stood out for wearing elaborate and colorful outfits representative of the country south of the border, which pay tribute to her music and roots.


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