Permanent hair: curly or wavy, here are the pros and cons


After so many years in search of perfectly straight and smooth hair, the trends in hair speak for themselves: curly hair is back thick and perfectly defined thanks to the perm, the best known treatment of the 80s. Wild and natural look as shown by the many curly heads of the show business: from Nicole Kidman and Andie MacDowell to Sarah Jessica Parker.

There perm for hair is a treatment aimed at giving volume and softness to the hair, even in cases where the stem is thin and smooth. And it is also recommended for all those who have wavy hair but who would like it more defined.

The result? A voluminous and natural hair. But how to make the perm and which one to do depending on the type and length of hair you have?

Hair perm: what is it for?

The perm can be the right compromise for those who have flattened hair and want to reinvigorate it. In fact, one of the most evident results derived from the treatment is that of having a voluminous hair.

In addition, the hair, thanks to the substances present in the compound to make the perm, remain cleaner for longer. Which is why the perm is a recommended treatment even for those with i fat hair.

How is the perm done?

The perm is done on wet hair on which you put gods curlers and the waving lotion. Once the mixture has been well distributed throughout the hair, it is left on for 20/30 minutes.

Finally, the hair is rinsed and a neutralizer is applied, a product that has the task of acting on the previously broken chemical bonds to fix the structure of the hair in curls.


Does the perm ruin the hair?

The perm is known to be pretty aggressive and, in the long run, it can make hair more frizzy and brittle. Fortunately, cosmetics have made great strides and, since the early 80s perms, the formulation of the compounds has improved and made the treatment more respectful of hair health.

The perm, if it can damage the hair, is for some reasons and in particular for theabuse or combination with other treatments. That is, if the hair is already treated with dye, reflections, bleaching or chemical lightening, the perm could be harmful because it would further weaken the cuticles and make the hair shaft particularly fragile.

If you have damaged hair, it is recommended not to repeat the treatment often: the perm it can last from 4 to 7 weeks but it is better not to overdo it by renewing the treatment more than 2/3 times a year.

The perm depending on the hair

There are different types of perm, each of which allows you to obtain different results depending on the type of hair and the result you want to achieve, for example if you want well-defined curls or soft waves. The new permanent 2.0 says goodbye to over-worked and structured curls with an 80s effect and gives way to wilder and more natural waves.

The examples of the stars of the big screen are an example: da Nicole Kidman, which has staked everything on its natural cascade of curls, a Eva Mendes, which has become a champion of the soft and saucy perm, up to Sarah Jessica Parker that of its elegant waves has made it a business card. But let’s find out which perm to choose based on the type of hair you have.

Permanent on short hair

For short hair, the curly (i.e. classic) perm is not recommended for a purely aesthetic factor. While, on the other hand, it is recommended to focus on a hair support light. This type of permanent move on short hair is particularly suitable because it can help enhance the cut.

Permanent on long straight hair

The hair perm long it is recommended to all those who have thick hair, while for those with long hair and thin hair the secret is to use curlers that are not too tight to have natural waves. For the maintenance of curls at home, it is recommended to use thermal curlers in order to recreate soft and natural waves.

Permanent on wavy and curly hair

The perm on wavy or curly hair, in general, is chosen by those women who do not want to completely upset their hairstyle, but want to get the most natural result possible. Also, with this treatment, different styles can be created, from afro curls to flowing waves. The actress is an example Emma Stone who, for years now, has been used to adopting a wavy hair using a light perm and the inevitable flexible curlers that give it wonderful beach waves.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, the trusted hairstylist will choose the size of the curlers and the technique to use on the hair. The perm will thus generate a more curly and voluminous hair, or soft waves along the entire length of the hair.


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