‘Persona 5 Tactica’ tips that you should know before playing

Persona 5 Tactics is a new side story from developer Atlus that sends the Phantom Thieves to an alternate dimension, ready to thwart danger in a turn-based tactical style. This adventure has a lot of history for fans of Persona 5 but it also features some clever twists to keep you on your toes, making it an attractive offer whether you’re a newbie or Shin Megami veteran.

There’s a lot to get used to in this spin-off, especially if you’re new to the world of Person. In this spoiler-free tips and tricks guide, we’ll give you everything you need to get a head start on this new journey and start fighting the revolution with gusto. Persona 5 Tactics.

Persona Tactics 5. Credit: Atlus.
Persona Tactics 5. Credit: Atlus.

Cover in combat

Persona 5 Tactics is a turn-based top-down tactics game that takes place on uniquely themed battlefields. Tactica’s combat arenas are full of cover points and you will have to take advantage of them to survive. You’ll know you’re in cover when you can see the shield icon applied to the asset your character is hiding behind or next to.

Not only will cover help you stay safe and resist enemy attacks, it will also prevent the opposition from getting a ‘1 More’. When you are exposed and out of cover, the enemy can hit you with a 1 More attack, knocking the character down and giving the enemy a free follow-up action. Taking on the opponent head on can be tempting, but if you’re not careful, the enemy can chain together multiple attacks and take down your entire squad if everyone is out of cover. Speaking of which…

Level up attacks with ‘1 More’

The ‘1 plus’ system has been adapted from Persona 5 for Persona 5 Tactics. To get 1 More, you’ll want to shoot an enemy that can’t take the hit; for example, one that is not covered. As we mentioned, this same rule applies to your cohort, but you can use it against your enemies to great effect.

There are a few ways to take an enemy out of cover. You can approach them and hit them with a melee attack, allowing another of your teammates to shoot and gain 1 more, which you can then use to attack other enemies. You can also use the ‘Sweep’ ability that certain Personas can obtain to send enemies flying into a vulnerable space. Lastly, you can also take them out of cover with strategic moves, allowing your teammates to jump.

1 More will also allow you to move your character again, hopefully towards the objective or a favorable vantage point. The best way to use 1 More is to set up your trio of heroes to create a triangle shape around the downed enemy. With that position in place, you can initiate a Triple Threat opportunity and deal massive damage to anyone caught inside.

Persona Tactics 5. Credit: Atlus.
Persona Tactics 5. Credit: Atlus.

Eyes on the prize

In Persona 5 Tactics, you will not always need to face all enemies to complete the level, so it is essential to pay attention to the success criteria of each mission. Some occasions simply require you to last a certain number of rounds without dying. Conversely, others require you to reach a specific location on the battlefield.

Either way, you won’t necessarily lose if you choose the path of least resistance, although you may want to take out optional enemies for additional XP and resources. Using cover tactically and taking advantage of the aforementioned movement opportunities of a 1 More can help you close gaps and conclude stages that are becoming incomplete.

Don’t forget about the fusion

In the first hours of Persona 5 Tactics, you will collect more Personas than you can reasonably use. Eventually, you will have access to The Velvet Room, a Person basic item where you can fuse Personas to create stronger creatures. There is also a skill inheritance system, where you can create certain spells to select a Persona that suits your play style.

Once you unlock Velvet Room, we suggest registering immediately and merging your available Personas to build your collection. You should also periodically check back with Lavenza to ensure your Personas align with your ‘Phantom Thieves Level’, although she remembers that you cannot use a Persona that is a level higher than your PTL.

Realistically, you’ll only need a handful of playable Personas to assign to the trio you use most often in battle. Therefore, it is worth sacrificing the rest to science for the sake of greater strength in the future. Especially if you’re struggling with a specific stage, merging Personas can be a great way to align yourself with the difficulty curve.

take your time

Nature by turns Persona 5 Tactics It means you can really slow down and consider your actions in combat. The heroic battle music may add some urgency, but don’t be fooled: there’s no rush. You can easily take on the opponent with brute force, but lining up 1 more chance and triple threat attacks, as well as finding high positions, will set you up for a quick and clean victory.

Study the map you are playing on using the Free Camera Analysis mode, find its hidden advantages and don’t be afraid to split the party to facilitate the battle. If you regret a decision, you can also undo your previous move in the start menu to try something different.

Earn additional rewards

In Persona 5 Tactics, you can access an optional ‘Missions’ menu from the hub between stages. Missions provide additional complicated stages to delve into to help you level up your characters, earn skill points, and most importantly, challenge your skills. Much of the fun of tactics games is in trial and error, and Persona 5 TacticsMissions offer challenging parameters to train you as you progress through the story.

Elsewhere in the center, you should check the “Talk” menu, where you can chat with your comrades to earn skill points that can give you an advantage. Talking will also allow you to pick up some of the group dynamics and experience more of Tactica’s fun dialogue.

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