Peru starts campaign to strengthen the emotional well-being of its students

In order to counteract the strong impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the well-being and socio-affective development of students, the Peruvian Ministry of Education (Minedu) will launch the ¡Fuertes DE VERDAD! campaign, a proposal that seeks to achieve an educational community that recognizes the value of positive bonds to generate emotional strength throughout life.

This campaign is based on the “National mobilization plan for the socio-emotional well-being of students”, a crusade that involves all the actors of the educational community with more than 140 actions that will be carried out throughout 2022 and with projection until 2024.

REALLY strong! promotes the participation of students, families, directors and teachers in different wellness spaces; It also encourages the use of the resources that Minedu provides on its platforms. All this as generators of better learning and better citizens.

Emotional health problems, as well as risky situations and behaviors that directly impact learning caused by the pandemic, are evidenced by recent information that shows that 1 out of 10 students perceive that they can adequately deal with emotionally unpleasant situations, six out of every ten caregivers have experienced stress or depression, and one in two teachers have experienced stress.

Through this campaign, Minedu focuses on initiatives that activate student well-being through sports, art, student participation and recognition of our cultural traditions, such as the School Sports and Para-sports Games, the School Floral Games Nacionales, the Ideas en Acción contest and the Tinkuy national meeting.

REALLY strong! places particular emphasis on the recognition of emotions and, for this, has the Socio-emotional well-being Kit presented this year. It is a collection of pedagogical resources and is the first tool for collecting information on the state of socio-emotional skills and risk factors of students after the pandemic, which also includes a training program for schoolchildren.

The campaign will also develop Teacher Welfare Fairs in various regions. The first will be held on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th in Ayacucho.

In addition, individual and group emotional care and support services will continue for teachers, directors, pedagogical specialists from DRE and UGEL, as well as education assistants and community educational promoters, which can be requested through the Te Escucho Docente website.

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