Peru will not require a transit visa for these Cuban passengers


Cuban passport.

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The Peruvian government eliminated the visa requirement for Cubans who have to make a stopover at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima before continuing to their final destination.

However, only those who do not have to leave the boarding zone in the transit area qualify.

If the traveler has to leave the terminal to look for his suitcase or register at the airline desk, even for a few minutes, he will have to obtain the Peruvian transition visa.

The document is valid for between 24 to 72 hours, América TeVé reported.

“Travellers who must pass through immigration control, either to collect luggage or make check in at counter of the airline with which they will take the next flight to be able to enter the boarding area again, they must have a transit visa, if their nationality so determines, ”reads a publication from the Embassy of Peru in Cuba in your profile From Facebook.

The new exception only applies to those passengers who can “go directly to the international connection area,” the statement added.

If you are not sure of the protocol to follow once you arrive at the Peruvian airport, the agency recommends that you contact your airline for guidance.

The announcement comes after the Embassy of Peru received countless requests from Cuban travelers to eliminate the transitory visa requirement in the country after Panama established the need for a visa for passengers who have to make a stopover in that country. explained the Newspaper Las Americas.

The initial decision of the Central American country caused a stir in Cuba where hundreds gathered in front of the Panamanian Embassy in Havana to protest the requirement and demand exceptions for those who already had tickets, according to the Diario de Cuba.

After the expressions of rejection, the government of Panama decided to eliminate the transit visa requirement for Cubans who travel to the island, have residence in the country, among other exceptions.

For more information on how to obtain a transit visa for Peru, you can contact the Embassy of Peru in Cuba by calling (537) 204-2477. You can also write an email to or

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