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It is a new path and if there is something to highlight above the result, that this team from the Peruvian team Sub 20 obey a job. It is seen that there is something in the idea of ​​standing on the field, but what still needs to be improved are the misunderstandings, those errors that are very costly against powers like Brazil. It was a 3-0 defeat against Brazil in the debut of the South American Sub 20 in a game in which we were at stake for an hour and then, with the first goal of Scratch, the scaffolding collapsed.

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And the analysis goes beyond the game and the result. The delivery is irreproachable, the order is applaudable, the work is commendable, but that is if we only want to keep the first hour of play. The other half hour was spent being lost in uncertainty before a Brazil that does not forgive.

what was said Despite the fact that Jaime Serna has three months of work, this Peru shows that he has an idea of ​​​​the game. When possible, it is made with touch and triangulations that made us play in the Brazilian field, especially in the first half. When you have to run, he pushes himself in midfield and runs a lot. Peru is a team ordered from the movement that Catriel Cabellos marks and especially from what Carhuallanqui covers in the midfield. An SUV that puts a lot of pressure on.

But, although we had been told before that the best of the team was the defensive zone, with names like Arón Sánchez and Matías Lazo with their experience in first division, it is striking that the team collapses after receiving the first goal.

Kluiverth Aguillar failed to close a cross into the area. They beat him from behind and the ball was served for Vitor Roque to open the scoring. Then, a poor clearance by Sánchez that made the ball return quickly to the area for Andrey to increase, and then a penalty that Sánchez himself committed that closed the result with Roque’s brace.

And so it is not enough. The improvement seen in the first part is worth it. It is worth having an orderly team, that runs, that presses. They still need to connect that midfield with the forward line -Pineau was very lonely when he was there, just like Goicochea when he entered- and above all they need to avoid those specific errors that not only cost goals, but also take them out of the game. It’s so hard to get up.

And although Brazil is not a rival against whom we will fight for a place, since they qualify three for the hexagonal in a group that also includes Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay, starting with a win is never good. The sensations of the first hour can be good, the final conclusions are not the best. Have to work.

And there is no rest time. Colombia on Saturday, Paraguay on Monday. Those are the games in which you must win yes or yes, since they are the rivals with whom you must fight for third place, considering that Brazil and Argentina are one step ahead.

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