PETA Defends Kylie Jenner’s Lion-Headed Schiaparelli Dress

Once again, Kylie Jenner it became a trend. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan attended the fashion show schiaparelli on Monday during Paris Fashion Week with a Strapless black velvet dress with a “realistic and life-size” lion heada look from the new collection that was also presented on the catwalk.

The look immediately began to divide users on social networks, some loved it, while others disapproved of the choice and the dress for its “glamourization” of the hunt. Nevertheless, The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) defended the makeup guru.

PETA Defends Kylie Jenner’s Lion-Headed Schiaparelli Dress

The animal rights organization is totally fine with Kylie wearing the Schiaparelli dress. In a statement shared with page six stylePETA President Ingrid Newkirk praised the “three-dimensional animal heads” in the Schiaparelli collection, calling them “fabulously innovative.”

In addition to a take on Jenner’s lion-inspired look, Schiaparelli’s spring 2023 couture collection also included outfits with realistic leopard and wolf heads modeled by Shalom Harlow and Naomi Campbellrespectively, a nod to the three beasts in Dante’s “Inferno”, as explained by the fashion house.

“Kylie, Naomi and Irina’s looks celebrate the beauty of wild animals and can be a statement against trophy hunting, in which lions and wolves are slaughtered to satisfy human egoism”, Newkirk said.

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“We encourage everyone to stick with 100% cruelty-free designs that showcase human ingenuity and prevent animal suffering,” Newkirk concluded.

Schiaparelli defended his designs amid the uproar. The fashion house noted that the animal heads featured in the show were crafted from “hand-sculpted wool and silk faux fur and foam, and hand-painted to look as lifelike as possible, celebrating the glory of the natural world.” ”. “NO ANIMAL WAS HARMED WHEN MAKING THIS LOOK”noted the brand on Instagram.

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