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The beauty of the benefit of the doubt is that we will all end up invoking it in our favor. In honor of this reciprocity, let us try to grant it to the enthusiasm for clustered water of the Minister of Health Hernan Condori.

The Paracas culture is an object of wonder and admiration not only for the beauty of its textiles, but also for its skill in pioneering medical procedures.

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Cranial trepanations have been extensively studied and recognized around the world, pure medical avant-garde around 500 years before Christ. No vestige related to clustered water has been found in them.


Hipólito Unanue studied medicine encouraged by an anatomy professor uncle. That advice triggered the career of who would be considered one of the fathers of Peruvian medicine.

Unanue reformed Peruvian medicine by founding the San Fernando medical school. But his mark on Peruvian history went further. He was one of the initiators of Mercury Peruano, a publication in which, for the first time, under the title of “General Idea of ​​Peru”, he published a vision of a nation independent of Spain.

Unanue served as Simón Bolívar’s general practitioner during the campaign in Pativilca. He was also Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of Congress. There is no record that he has resorted to clustered water in his service to the country.


Daniel Alcides Carrión was just a 28-year-old medical student when in 1885 he voluntarily decided to inoculate himself with the Peruvian wart bacteria. He himself wrote his medical history while the disease began to devour him.

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Carrión died 40 days after his sacrifice. In his smallpox diary there is no mention of pooling water.


Uriel García, from Cusco, turns 100 in 2022. Don Uriel has been head of the Pathological Anatomy Service of the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital, President of the Superior Council of Employee Social Security, President of the Organ and Tissue Transplant Committee, founder and professor of the Pedro Weiss Chair and one of the main promoters of the use of generic drugs.

As Minister of Health of the second Popular Action government, he had to face the cholera epidemic. Using his scientific knowledge, he developed a brilliant invention, a solution of salt and sugar to deal with the lethal symptoms of the disease: the saving bag.

Uriel García has been decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun of Peru. The sachets of it saved the lives of countless numbers of people in underdeveloped countries. He goes without saying that clustered water is not one of their ingredients.


There are 564 doctors who gave their lives in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. They were aware of the risk of complying with the Hippocratic oath: you will do no harm. The clustered water had nothing to do at all with this dramatic and noble gesture of dedication to others.


The current health minister, surgeon Hernán Condori, has the greatest merit of being a loyal friend of Vladimir Cerrón. About the minister’s enthusiasm for clustered water, it only remains to stoically assimilate his honesty:

– I went to Google, I investigated.

That candor, or impudence, allows us to answer with solvency about the relationship between clustered water and Peruvian medicine: it does not exist.

It is just an unfortunate passage in Peruvian history. Like diseases, it won’t go away on its own. You have to heal it.


Why is the new health minister a risk?
The questions to Hernán Condori Machado have to do with his experience in the health sector and his promotion of pharmaceutical products without any scientific support. This morning the Medical College of Peru has requested his resignation


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