Pharmacy, the best ally against lice in the new school year

With the return of children to classrooms and the beginning of the academic year, Tyraptera, better known as lice

According to the IX CinfaSalud study: “Perceptions and habits of Spanish fathers and mothers regarding head lice”, carried out in 2019 and supported by the Spanish Society of Clinical, Family and Community Pharmacy (SEFAC), half of Spanish boys and girls 3 and 12 years (50.7 Percent) suffered from these parasites at some time in the last three years.

Enlarged image of a Tyropteran specimen

According to this study, one in four parents (24.7 percent) with school-going children believe that lice are related to poor hygiene, leading some to fear that their children will be treated differently because They are suffering. ,lice do not spread disease So there is no need to panic, yes, you have to be patient and stroke the little ones’ heads with the brush, lock by lock,” he explains to EG. Julio Masset, medical expert sinfa,

,It is a lie that lice get into even the dirtiest headsIn fact, they go to the cleanest people. Due to this many parents do not inform schools out of fear Stigma and ‘what will they say’Mentions Masset, who admits that there are many false beliefs Lice around the world.

In addition to Lenderera, doctors recommend Go to the pharmacy and use pediculicide, “Vinegar does not work and neither do other natural products that are popularly believed to help, and in such cases gasoline or alcohol they may be harmful to health“, Add.

Masset assured that Lice go to the most vascular areasSo you have to pay attention to this The hair in the neck area and behind the ears. “Products that have serious scientific studies behind them and have been approved should be used. They are available in foam, shampoo and lotion formats. they must Follow manufacturer’s instructions and usually let them work for a while And then wash with the shampoo we normally use,” says the expert.

in the pharmacy

Pharmacies are the places where the increase in sales is most noticeable. demand for these products, “It is also worth noting that there are many families who purchase these preventive article“, he explains to EG, evaristo trojanoMember of the Pharmacy Office of the Official College of Pharmacists of Brazil.

“There are pesticide products eliminate lice IAfter the lotions that scare themare usually based on vinegar or tea tree And they create an environment that lice hate,” says Troyano.

During this time of year, there are More campaigns in pharmacies related to these productsAnd many offices are expected to have similar sales coverage as in previous years.

Trojan remembers that Children with a history of atopic skin or dermatitis Chemicals should not be used with cypermethrin and other solutions or foams should be selected that are more pleasant to the scalp. Silicone.

for the children of since two or three years Can be used Treatment based on silicone, cypermethrin and malathion. for the little onesbetween six months to two years can take silicone or cypermethrin, but only 1 percent, in low doses. during this time children under six months of age It is only recommended mechanical removal, “They are small-headed children and generally have short hair, although it may seem unbelievable, they can also be infested in daycare centers, in these cases it is more tolerable to eliminate lice and nits,” says Troyano. “

It is recommended that after a few days, product is repurposedBecause some lice can survive and action must be taken stopping its life cycleWhich usually takes about six days.

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