Philemon Mulala, former player was attacked by his dogs and died Halftime

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Bad news was known in the last hours, after the authorities confirmed the death of former Zambian footballer Philemon Mulala, who was attacked by his dogs in Lichtenburg, South Africa.

What is known is that the victim, aged 60, he was attacked by his own dogs until death and without anyone noticing what was happening.

The former player’s body was found by his wife, who, seeing that her husband did not appear, decided to look for him in that part of the house.

“She didn’t bother to go and check if something was wrong (when the dogs were barking) because her house is situated on a busy street and dogs frequently bark at passing pedestrians and vehicles,” said Sam Tselanyane, the Captain in charge of the investigation.

And he added: “After the electricity was restored, after a shock, she went in looking for her husband, but could not find him.”

The animals were taken into custody of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

“It’s such a tragic ending. Many who saw it, especially the Mufulira Wanderers fans, expressed their grief,” FAZ spokesperson Sydney Mungala told ESPN.

Mulala was recognized because he scored two goals in the Cecafa Cup Semifinal in 1984 against Kenya. Known as Shombo (worker), he played for Mufulira Wanderers in the same team as his older brother, central defender Philemon Kaunda.

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