Phoebe Bridgers indicates that Taylor Swift inspires her to keep her private life — Radio Concierto Chile

Indie singer Phoebe Bridgers in interview with The Rolling Stones indicated that Taylor Swift inspires her around how to keep her private life. The boygenius member has been in the media the last few weeks for her possible breakup with Irish actor Paul Mescal.

In conversation with the music outlet for the return of the “supergroup” boygenius, she was asked if Swift was a role model for keeping her private life out of the media. “I am inspired by the people I see happy, and I keep trying to be”Bridgers replied.

“She’s such a deep and wise human being, and she hasn’t sacrificed fun at all.. She validates those limits that people have tried to take away from her throughout her life.” “You don’t hear enough about how people become successful and then happy.”

both singers have previously collaborated on Swift’s song “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”.

the return of boygenius

Yesterday, the boygenius trio composed of Lucy Dacus, Julien Barker and Phoebe Bridgers, announced their return with three new singles (‘$20’, ‘Emily I’m Sorry’, and ‘True Blue’). like your first album the record which will be launching on March 31. The band hadn’t released any new music since 2020, when they released demos of their self-titled EP to raise charity funds.

Too, the band will be playing at the Coachella music festival, on April 15 and 22 together with important artists like Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny and BLACKPINK.

Bridgers will be coming soon on fourth studio album The National with “This Isn’t Helping” and “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend”. Like in the second project of the British singer, Arlo Parkswith “My Soft Machine” and in a hidden cameo in “Food for Worms” by Shame.

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