PHOTO Cate Blanchett: in Milan, the actress adopts the perfect hairstyle to hide a fringe that pushes back

At 53, Cate Blanchett caused a sensation at Milan Fashion Week with a stunning makeover. What’s more, her hairstyle done on short hair is ultra chic and clever.

Cate Blanchett was sensational in Milan. Invited to a prestigious fashion event on the sidelines of Fashion Week, the Australian actress donned a black wide-leg jumpsuit covered in sequins and adorned with silver trim. The zip of her outfit stopped just above her navel, revealing a dizzying cleavage in front of the photographers. Going to the paroxysm of glamour, Cate Blanchett revealed herself with a chic bun combined with a wick, ideal for styling bangs that are too long.

How to style your bangs until they grow back like Cate Blanchett?

For this event, her hair stylist Nicola Clarke bet on a glamorous look by bringing a new dimension to her hair look. Cate Blanchett has therefore styled her smooth blonde bob with a flattened bun at the back with multiple concealed clips. The rendering is very sophisticated. And about her shorter locks in the front of the face, the professional decided to blend them with the rest of the hair creating a thicker lock with volume. A possible result thanks to the parting made on the side of the head. An interesting trick to copy to hide a fringe that is too long.

Styling bangs that grow back is a headache. Some hair accessories allow it to be concealed, such as clips or headbands. It also works for those who want to hide the visible roots that grow back. But it is also possible to cheat with clever styling inspired by the look of Cate Blanchett, for example. Fringe can be swept to the side or back. But the best thing is to blend it with the other strands of hair. For that, you have to give it a little punk side by ruffling it. Be careful, for the result to be there, it is essential to texturize the hair. And of course, hairspray completes the look.

Cate Blanchett Adopts the Perfect Slick to Hide Her Growing Bangs getty

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