PHOTO – Dîner d’Etat: Brigitte Macron, Carla Bruni, Salma Hayek… French elegance and American glamor meet at the Elysee Palace

The shade is worthy of the most beautiful red carpets in Hollywood. Pourtant, c’est bien à Paris, et plus précisément à l’Élysée, que les stars ont fait crepiter les flashes des photos, vêtues exquisite robes and magnificent suits. Today, July 8, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron took office as American President for a state dinner to spend time in France, marking the 80th anniversary of the pre-D-Day speech in Normandy.

To give credit to Joe and Jill Biden, this casting call is extremely prestigious, which is a foul for you. rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 55. Parmi eux: Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault or an encore of Bérénice Bejo and Marie’s son Michel Hazanavicius. We gamble and compete with chic for every occasion.

PHOTO – State dinner at the Elysee Palace: Carla Bruni, Salma Hayek… Stars, the most luxurious and honorable couples Biden

When French elegance meets American glamor

Reunite the best of two worlds – French elegance and American glamor – voila le Challenge mode, which will be the main event this June 8th at the Elysee Palace! Cote de l’Hexagon, Brigitte Macron has some more ébloui l’assemblée in a gorgeous white robe and sheer cuffs that I love. A completely different look from the blue ensemble, choose a veil to get it. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena Zelenskaya. The embodiment of the sophisticated look of the beyond Atlantic, Jill Biden, for the part, for the choice of a long velor robe and navy blue, signed by Schiaparelli, agrémentée d’un blanc XXL: la touche de faste américain qu’on party! “Cat Hairstyle”, “Two Ladies’ Premieres” – choose a topic to learn how to elegantly repair a hairpiece in a delicate style.

Their author Salma Hayek in a magnificent translucent black robe or for an encore Berenice Bejo in a camel costume. Another person of three years old, emphasizing both the silhouette and the soufflé coupe: Carla Bruni, completely unfolding in a white robe in front of her body.

The cat of politicians, Rashida Dati, the Minister of Culture, rests on a lance and shines in a long black robe, decorated with expensive embroideries. Du noir aussi, et de la dentelle, pour la French Minister of Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Games Amelie Oudea-Castera, who entered Roland-Garros in the afternoon and quickly switched to clothing and made a profit. une tenue très glamour.

Photo credit: SIPA

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