PHOTOS Bella Hadid, Denitsa Ikonomova … They all adopt the Space buns hairstyle perfect for the summer

This hairstyle with vibes of the 90s returns to the heads of celebrities this summer. Denitsa Ikonomova, Bella Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens… They are all Space bun fans, and we understand why!

Princess Leia in Star Wars is a pioneer. Iris Mittenaere, Denitsa Ikonomova, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez… Over the years, this ultra-cool hairstyle has intruded on the heads of personalities the most fashionable on the planet. We are talking about Space buns, more commonly called “macarons”. Be careful, not to be confused with sweet treats – to be consumed in moderation – which please our palate. Here, it’s about adorable little buns that the coolest it-girls wear with style in the summer.

The stars are fans of this 90s hairstyle trend

On Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens appropriated this ultra-cute hairstyle during his vacation. With her child’s pout and her little macaroons in her hair, she goes back to the 90s with this look. As for Denitsa Ikonomova, she adopted them with a more rock style. The talented dancer did her hair with Space buns for the house music festival, Defected Croatia. Another of the big fans of this vintage hairstyle is none other than Kourtney Kardashian… The list of celebrities addicted to these little macaroons is still long.

Space buns: how to reproduce these small high buns?

the must space buns? They’re perfect for avoiding hair in your face when the summer heat returns. If they are cannon to wear, they are also very simple to make. Incredible isn’t it? You must first draw a parting in the middle of the head then make two high quilts on each side attached with transparent elastics. So far nothing complicated. The secret to having volume in small buns is to give texture to the hair. Finally, just twist each wick on itself before wrapping it around the elastic of the duvet. The final step is to secure everything with bobby pins. Depending on the desired style, small macaroons can be placed at any level on the head. And small strands can escape on the front of your face. Well, that’s it !

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