PHOTOS Frosted lips: like Jennifer Lopez, adopt this make-up trend of the 90s that is all the rage

A breath of fresh air is blowing on our lips this summer with the return of the 90s trend: frosted lips. Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Shay Mitchell… they all succumbed to it!

In the closet, matte lipsticks. For some time now, gloss is the lip product of the moment. And with its comeback in our make-up bags, we find the beauty trend nicknamed the frosted lips, is translated into French: the frosted lips. In the 90s, Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson were the first to adopt this ultra-desirable lip combo. Today, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Shay Mitchell, Katy Perry or even Ariana Grande only have eyes for that icy shimmer effect on their lips. And we understand why !

How do you create that frosty look on your lips?

In 2022, frosted lips make their mark comeback. The secret to adopting this beauty trend is to bet on subtle reflections to create pretty light effects that give this frosty appearance. nothing better than classic gloss shades in light colorssuch as pink, beige or white to have this rendering. For the more daring, a slightly bluish tint also does the job perfectly. Which gloss to choose between a transparent and a glittery one? Either way, both work great for frosted lips.

The style “frosty mouth” consists of very few steps. And yes, this trend is achievable in a snap, well almost ! No need to be an expert on the subject. The proof, just draw the outline of the mouth with a pencil slightly darker than your lip complexion or in brown tones like the singer Lizzo. Next, apply a creamy lipstick in a shade lighter than the outline. And the magic works after applying an iridescent make-up and lacquering the lips with a touch of gloss. Jennifer Lopez achieved this trend in a nude version. As for Shay Mitchell, she preferred to create frosted lips with white highlights. There’s no doubt, it’s the perfect beauty trend to sport beautiful lips this summer!

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