PHOTOS: Ivana Knoll surprises with a daring two-piece white bikini

Ivana Knoll“the bride of Qatar 2022”, left her 3.6 million followers speechless with a photo of her on the beach with a daring white swimsuit that his fans loved. The model became more famous in the World Cup for her risqué outfits in stadiums, but her fame hasn’t waned and she’s managed to keep her audience.

Always captivating. Photo: Special.

The 30 year old model she went to the World Cup to support Croatia, but after the tournament Ivana returned to the United States, where she lives, but then she went on vacation in Africa again and back in Miami she was with the rap megastar Drake and the actor Jaime Fox at a party .

always looks great

The influencer also posed from the beach in a white two-piece swimsuit and in addition to showing off her curves, she showed her beautiful smile. In the caption she wrote: “Living my best life.” As it was expected, he was showered with many compliments and the original publication has already reached 543 thousand likes and more than 6 thousand comments.

Flattery showered him. Photo: Special.

She is very grateful to her followers and has constantly let them know, “I would never have dreamed this would happen to me… I came to Qatar with 570k followers, now I have over 3 million and that makes me smile. It’s almost the same number as the population of my country,” she recently said in an interview.

conquered even players

A couple of weeks ago, she revealed that some footballers, without revealing their names, tried to flirt with her: “Some players sent me messages about how you are, blah blah blah,” she mentioned. Some were even from teams that Croatia faced, “I didn’t respond until they lose,” he said.

It always looks gorgeous. Photo: Special.

Although it is true that Knoll was born in Germany, she moved to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, at a very young age, which is why she identifies as a Croatian, she also loves soccer, as her father took her to see games and dSince 2014, she began supporting the Balkans in the World Cups, although it was until the latter that she became famous.


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