PHOTOS – Makeup trend: how to make up your eyes this summer 2022?

With the approach of the summer holidays, a wind of freedom and colors blows on the desires of make-up. It’s time to allow yourself flashy looks, pastels, colorblock or glitter on the eyelids. All the tips from Charlelie Mereu makeup artist for Make Up Forever, to wear makeup all summer 2022 with colors but without false notes!

Every summer, designers compete in daring to reinvent colorful and sparkling make-up, taking advantage of the sun to highlight the look… literally! This year 2022, a wave of colors is sweeping over the eyelids with games of reflections thanks to concentrated textures in pearls, liner or cream shadows, intense and flashy eyeshadows as well as a pastel trend. ” The fluorescent color plays the role of an accessory: here we are not necessarily trying to highlight the eyes compared to the color of the iris, but to afford a strong look. remarks Charlelie Mereu, makeup artist at Make Up Forever.

And the stars are paving the way by sporting sharp shades or playing the opposite softness, even if it means playing the originality card via the application: we have seen a lot of shadows stretched in a halo until times and including the cheekbones for an effect that is both couture and charming. Finally, summer evenings are always an opportunity to wear sequins, disco or glamorous version, to shine with a thousand lights. Zoom on these summer looks!

> Get inspired by the stars and eye products for this summer 2022

Colorblock eyelids

This is the new summer must-have: the flashy color invites itself on the eyes to electrify the look. We have fun with styles by adopting ultra-pigmented shadows for a monochrome eyelid, to be done in different ways: “ In halo, there is no graphic plot, it is a smoky technique which allows a modulated intensity because you can stretch the material around the eyelid. The ideal is either to use a cream shadow alone for a light effect, or to intensify it with a tone-on-tone dry shadow applied on top if you want a denser result. explains Charlie. ” Without forgetting especially the lower lashline to encompass the whole look, creating a gradient. This results in flashy yet buildable looks that can range from very intense to blurry. For a very marked style, you can also get out of the gaze area and stretch the color right down to the cheekbone, as French actress Camille Razat did at the AmFar Gala last June.

Alternatively, the material can be applied in reverse, flat, without stretching it, pressing it on the eyelids to obtain a flat tint. ” The solid is really more rock, it’s a bias to go with a look, more for an evening, with a very strong result. Instead, use dry eyeshadow for a matte result, but you can also use a liquid fixative as a base to obtain an even more raw effect. confides the make-up artist.

> Get inspired by the stars and eye products for this summer 2022

The modern liner line

In general, there are complementary colors of green eyes, blue eyes, and brown eyes. But no more rules for matching eye color to makeup color with gel eyeliners: we have fun with the colors that land on the eyes as an accessory in its own right to complete the look of the outfit. ” The line must be more or less thick depending on the size of the eyelid so as not to crush the gaze: with the eye open, the mobile eyelid must remain visible. You can also use waterproof liners to make a flat effect by drawing a very wide line explains Charlie. This season, we dare to go fluorescent with a very wide line that makes the color crackle behind the lash line, like Chiara Ferragni or Lily Allen. ” Be careful, the liner must still highlight the look : when you use a gold, silver or white liner, you always work on a dark lashline, like a first line of black liner, otherwise it will turn off the look. warns the pro makeup artist.

> Get inspired by the stars and eye products for this summer 2022

twinkling gaze

During the day, we adopt long-lasting cream shadows that are resistant to perspiration and heat, and the eyelid is dressed in mother-of-pearl. The advantage: to offer a lot of light and an irreproachable hold with great ease, in particular because just before they dry, you can stretch them with your finger. Conversely, the material can be reapplied several times by tapping to “stack” the pigments and obtain an intense shine result. It can also be used to add a touch of clarity to the inner corner of the eye (like Carla Bruni, see our slideshow), or do it with a classic iridescent eye shadow. ” To avoid the classic side, you can go for white-type holographic iridescent shadows with a blue reflection, iridescent loose powders at the inner corner of the eye, which are applied without smoothing. It opens the eye. You can also put some under the brow bone for a glowing effect. advises Charlie. ” Sprayed all over the eyelid, a fixing spray helps to accentuate the shine and intensity of the pearls. HAS avoid on round or protruding eyes that the pearls intensify.adds the make-up artist.

For a more visible sparkle, especially in the sun, you can also line the eyelid with micro sequins. To fix the diamond powder, use an eyeshadow base or a fixing spray that will have a double-sided adhesive tape effect. Powder the underside of the front eye well, and put the head well back to prevent the glitter from falling under the eyes and clinging to them explains the makeup artist. For evening, larger sequins provide a disco look or glamorous, colourful, silver or gold, everything is possible: a fine line behind the eyelash fringe or over the entire eyelid.

> Get inspired by the stars and eye products for this summer 2022

Pastel inspired

Finally a little sweetness with tangy pastel shades that we give to her mouth like Miley Cyrus, or in small touches like Adele Exarchopoulos, on only part of the eyelid. You can also apply the shadows with the flat edge of a small brush at the level of the eyelashes and modulate the material to create a slight gradient. ” Pastels such as light blue, baby pink, green are very beautiful when they are matte, to have a chalk effect. But these colors are not made to create a contrast, rather to stylize the look. Provided that the look is well emphasized, all colors can go to all eyes reveals Charlélie Mereu for Make Up Forever.

Cream shadows can provide comfort of application when you start because they stretch well and apply to the finger for a light halo. It remains to choose between a matte or iridescent version. ” The matte is the real pastel, but the iridescent versions are easier to use because they have less grip and are easier to work with. The result will be a softer pastelmore blended but less sharp than a matte “real pastel”. If we add sequins, we arrive at a more whimsical style very fashionable, a little regressive but very joyful. ” Pay attention to thedoll effect ! warns the make-up artist, You need an eyebrow primer and dark lash lines to avoid a waxy result. And go for shiny materials on the lips with gloss, to bring contrast and bounce. concludes the specialist.

> Get inspired by the stars and eye products for this summer 2022

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