Photos of Selena Gomez in handcuffs go around the world


You can almost hear it, the police car siren with the flashing light on. And then: the noise of operations, the excitement, the doors slamming, the tires screeching on the asphalt. At the center of the scene is Selena Gomez who, in handcuffs, is arrested by the agents. Don’t worry, nothing to do with the news. The American superstar is, in fact, engaged on the New York set of ‘Only Murders in the Building’. The comedy television series is written by Steve Martin from a screenplay by John Hoffman and is currently in the works. The ten episodes are expected to premiere on Hulu by 2021 and then land on Star and Disney Plus. The series tells the story of three strangers with an obsession with past crimes. The three will find themselves involved in a bloody case. Gomez, by the way, is not only an actress of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ but is also an executive producer. Music: “Elevate” from
‘Unlockdown’, the interview with the protagonists: “Each episode has its own moral”


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