Photos: Shakira leaves her fans speechless as she shows her resilience at the age of 46

Shakira He made headlines on social networks in the last few hours because he made a post on Instagram with which he left all his fans speechless because it turned out The Colombian player gives an example of his impressive resilience despite being 46 years old And as expected, the images generated all kinds of opinions about it. Besides, Gerard Piqué’s name came up Amidst the commotion around the interpreter of “I congratulate you”.

It was during the night of Saturday, September 10, when Shakira made the publication in question, which included a series of photographs He showed that he has great skills as a contortionist And in the text he wrote with the said postcard, he showed that he is practicing to showcase his talent at the next ceremony. mtv vma 2023Which will happen next Tuesday, September 12.

Shakira left her fans speechless. Photo: IG: Shakira

“Guess what song this pose is from? Can’t wait for Tuesday’s #VMAs” This was the text that Shakira wrote along with the photos where she gave a shocking example of her resilience.

Shakira claimed to be in excellent physical condition. Photo: IG: Shakira

Shakira fans say, “Piqué is crying.”

As expected, Shakira’s stunning pictures created a huge sensation on digital platforms, proof of which is that in just a few hours. The Colombian’s publication managed to receive more than 1.4 million likes, Furthermore, as is customary in each publication, the comment box was filled with hundreds of compliments and on this occasion, in addition to the compliments, some texts could also be read in which He claims Gerard Piqué is crying after seeing his children’s mother’s post In which the immaculate body of her ex-partner was visible.

“I can’t understand you Pikey”, “Pikey is crying”, “Look buddy, he’s the one with the problem”, “Only an idiot loses a goddess like that” and “Pikey sure lost a queen.” has given”There were some comments that mentioned the former Barcelona footballer, however, Shakira did not respond to any of these comments.

Shakira’s flexibility surprises her fans. Photo: IG: Shakira

Shakira’s career to be recognized at MTV MVA 2023

Shakira Was selected to be recognized by MTV MVA Video Vanguard Awardsalso known as michael jackson awards And this award has been received only by some music personalities who have an outstanding career.

Apart from receiving the said award, Shakira Will offer a show where he is expected to sing some of the most symbolic songs of his career and it is speculated that he may have big personalities from the industry as his guests such as Alejandro Sanz, Rihanna, Bizarrap, Rave Alejandro or even Maluma, However, the Colombian has not given details in this regard, so it will be until next Tuesday, September 12, when everything he has prepared to celebrate his career will be revealed.

Shakira surprised her fans with her preparations for MVA 2023. Photo: IG: Shakira

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