PHOTOS. The faces of Lis Vega, Reneé Zellweger and Nicole Kidman were unrecognizable!

Being in an environment where appearance is everything is not something easy for many artists who have decided to go to the scalpel to prolong their youth as much as possible, some with very good results but others have ended up with a very different appearance from that of the beginning.

“I like what I see, the people who want to live in the Lis before, because I invite them to continue there in the past. That person does not exist, neither internally nor externally,” is what he recently replied Lisa Vega to criticism, after he returned to Mexico to participate in the dance competition Las estrellas bailan en hoy, but what caught the most attention was his surprising physical change that does not look anything like the actress of yesteryear, from the filling that was made in the lips, which he assures was to hide the nine stitches that were made in the lower lip, when he fell in a theater and broke his mouth , even her voluptuous figure.

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Nicole Kidman

In Hollywood its stars are not far behind, some of the most beautiful faces on the big screen have gone through a metamorphosis that is not always the best, as is the case with Nicole Kidman who owned a angelic face, who looked amazing in films like “Moulin Rouge!” and “The others” (2001), but in 2018 during his time on the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festivalhis features drew a lot of attention because he had very pronounced cheekbones, lips thicker than normal and without a single wrinkle, although a few months later he said he regretted using Botox because it had taken away his expression, but apparently he continued with his practice .

“The Botox thing was a mistake, the result of pressure and the desire to look better, something that happens to many Hollywood actresses. I can say that I have not used it again and what you see now is the result of a healthy life, of stay away from tobacco smoke and sleep as many hours as I can, no surgery,” the actress said in an interview.


Renee Zellweger

Reneé Zellweger conquered the world with her portrayal of Bridget Jones, a single English woman with a plump and charming face, but in real life this actress preferred a sharp face, without wrinkles and without large cheeks, which she wore for the first time in 2014 causing a shock among her followers because she seemed like a totally different person, she argued that it was due to a change of life, now she ate better and rested; she two years later she published a letter in the Huffington Post what did he say:

“Not that anyone cares, but I decided to change my face and have an eye operation. This fact is not relevant to anyone, but that the mere possibility was discussed by serious journalists and became a topic of general conversation, is a disconcerting illustration of the confusion between news/entertainment and the social fixation for the physical”.


And the beautiful Mexican faces?

Lucia Mendez
She had one of the most beautiful faces of the 1970s and 1980s, which led her to be the protagonist of great melodramas such as “Viviana” (1978), “Colorina” (1980), “You or Nobody” (1985) , “Nobody’s love” (1990), to name a few; but with the passage of time that face of hers has been changing and her detractors, her fans and the entertainment press have pointed out that transformation, although she assures that much has never been done on her face.

“It’s a lie, I mean, you can’t be doing surgery all the time, because it would be totally noticeable, and I think that in some way they see me, and well they almost always see me as is, I don’t tell you that I don’t put my Botox , I am not telling you that I do not have my treatments with appliances, but it is a lie that I have been operating or in the operating room every so often, ”said Lucá Méndez in December of last year in an interview.


Carmen Campuzano
In the 90’s Carmen Campuzano was at the peak of her career, not only was she one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, she was also considered the first Mexican supermodel, because she was already moving in the upper echelons of society. fashion and was covered by Vogue magazine three times, but her fall began in the early 2000s, when she began an affair with the actor Andres Garciait was at this stage that he claims he contracted a bacterium, leptospirosis, which affects the skin causing serious infections, something that was complicated due to his addictions, which resulted in him almost losing his nose, to date the thanatologist also has six surgeries, which included cell treatments and implants, which have gradually improved her appearance, although her natural beauty has remained in the past”.



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