Photos: This is how Alicia Machado celebrated her daughter’s birthday

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Alicia Machado

For Alicia Machado, motherhood is her priority, as she has revealed in various interviews where she has also expressed the happiness she feels to have her only daughter in her life: Dinorah Valentina, who has just turned 14. The winner of La Casa de los Famosos (Telemundo) celebrated her daughter in a very tender way on her birthday.

“You are my reason and my strength, my greatest treasure. I love you my daughter. Here I will always be by your side to take care of you and support you. Happy Birthday my girl #Dinorah! I love you my love. Now you were in my arms 14 years ago, and happy and blessed to be your mom”, she wrote in a post that she shared with her more than 1.9 million Instagram followers.

In the images you can see various moments of her daughter and of both sharing happily, where the strong bond they have is appreciated. In the last photo, the girl is seen when she was little wearing the Miss Universe crown and bow. “How beautiful! Blessings to Dinorah and may God take care of her and always accompany her”, “Happy birthday 14 Dinorah, may all your dreams come true, have a great time, enjoy every moment, I send you a big hug”, and “Happy birthday to that Dinorah doll”, were some of the comments left by Machado’s followers.

For Alicia Machado, the bond with her daughter is so strong that she has even prioritized it over her life as a couple. In an interview with La Opinion newspaper, the 46-year-old Venezuelan confessed that she has only introduced her daughter to two partners, and that only now that she is older is she more willing to have a love relationship.

“My daughter has priority over my life as a woman. Now my daughter is older so I feel more comfortable meeting someone new (…) As a Latina it is not easy to find a partner having children, because they are your whole life. Being a mother and looking for a partner publicly is quite complicated because as artists we cannot meet many people from another environment and we have limitations, “she said on that occasion.

And everything indicates that Machado did not take long to make his wish come true, since he recently confessed in an Instagram live that he has been dating a man who does not belong to the artistic medium for more than four months.

“I have now more than four months dating a person, a man, a guy. I go out with a man that nobody knows who he is, nor will they know who he is, nor is it your problem, I’m sorry, “he said.

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