PHOTOS | VIDEO | At the Circus Maximus thrilling show of the Maneskin, also Angelina Jolie in the audience

ROME – They are only twenty years old but all the attitude of those who have always trod the big stages. THE Måneskin won on controversy these days and have taken Rome with one electric showhome date of the world tour ‘Loud Kids Tour‘, organized by Vivo Concerti in collaboration with Rock in Roma.

A concert their event that attracted at the Circus Maximus about 70 thousand people. From families with children to groups from all regions of Italy. In the parterre also numerous VIPs. In fact, among others: Gabriele Muccino, Riccardo Scamarcio, Benedetta Porcaroli, Anna Ferzetti, Edoardo Leo, Valerio Lundini and Anna Foglietta. In the audience she was also seen Angelina Jolie, in Rome for the shooting of the film she directed ‘Without Blood‘, And Russell Crowe.

In short, the Måneskin set up was an unmissable event for everyone. Two hours of live to be the envy of the best rock bands in the world because, beyond the prejudices, Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas give new life to the genre, they rejuvenate it, and play everything live.

All thanks to years of the apprenticeship started right from the streets of Rome, from Via del Corso in the center. And they remember it themselves during the concert, getting excited at the sight of the carpet of people which is a great glance. “For us it is an incredible achievement, an incredible moment”, Says the frontman who did not spare himself.

And the 70 thousand reciprocate: it is a unanimous chorus to every songand, which also extends beyond the barricades where ticketless people gathered to listen to them. For months sold out, the Rock in Roma date was such a party and for one evening no one thought about it hot topic of Covid or AI infections fires (the last one just yesterday in Centocelle) that are hitting the city.

At the Circus Maximus the Måneskin celebrate, therefore, their journey with a rich and long lineup, containing many of the songs that have made them known to the general public. From ‘Zitti e buona’, winning song of Sanremo and Eurovision 2021 and opening of the concert, to ‘Chosen’, the very first single of the group brought to the selections of X Factor 2017, passing through the international hit ‘Beggin’. Then, among the songs played: ‘I wanna be your slave’, ‘Mammamia’, ‘Coraline’, ‘Morirò da re’, ‘Supermodel’, ‘The fear of the dark’, ‘Twenty years’ and’ The distant words ‘. There are also the tributes to Britney Spears, with a rock version of ‘Womanizer’, ea Manuel Agnelli with the song ‘Amandoti’ (“We always think of you Manuel”, Damiano says at the end of the song).

Halfway through the show ‘Gasoline’the song published on social media in support of Ukraine has become a new opportunity on stage to reiterate the no to war. “Fuck Putin, fuck the war, fuck the dictators. We keep saying it even if someone bothers ”, says Damiano then also introduces an unreleased piece: “We wanted you to hear this unfinished song, it doesn’t even have a title, it’s a demo“. Finally, on the final ‘Bruises on the elbows’, an opportunity to get some lucky guys who were in the front rows on stage.

With the Circus Maximus the Måneskin close a circle, a parenthesis that led them to America, to open great shows (that of the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas), to be guests of programs such as the Jimmy Kimmel Show or the Ellen DeGeneres Show , to conquer the foreign rankings. Now a new chapter is opening for the group, their story does not stop there.

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