Photos: worst dressed of Premio Lo Nuestro


Worst dresses of Premio Lo Nuestro

Many stars gathered on the magenta carpet of Premio Lo Nuestro, the thirty-fourth edition brought together the best of Latin music to highlight music in Spanish, but as in any carpet, these celebrities did not hit the right looks with their looks immediately entering the list of the worst dressed of the night.

Olga Tanon

The singer Olga Tañón appeared on the magenta carpet with a metallic blue Balenciaga dress, her dress had precisely attached sleeves that did not fit her at all, Olgan presented her new figure by losing weight due to bariatric surgery, the “ Woman of fire” would have used another more flattering dress to highlight her beauty.

Manuel Turizo

The singer made a terrible choice by choosing a light blue suit and breaking all the formality of the outfit, in addition to the fit of the suit that did not go according to his figure. Although his poor choice positioned him as one of his worst dressed, his talent continues to position him as a young figure in urban music.


The Brazilian singer Annita was one that did not go unnoticed on the magenta carpet of Premio Lo Nuestro, she wore a black minidress with garter belt stockings, adding gloves that broke the protocol and elegance of the ceremony.

Prince Royce

The singer Prince Royce used a suit with earth colors, which completely dislocated was the three-dimensional print that did not favor at all, the Dominican interpreter, also completed his look with shoes out of place for the occasion.

sebastian yatra

The interpreter of “Red Heels” entered the list of the worst dressed by not matching his outfit, the Colombian gave a touch of informality to his style, losing elegance, remember that Premio Lo Nuestro is the highest award in Latin music that over the years continues to recognize talent.

Majo Aguilar

María José Aguilar Carrillo, better known as Majo Aguilar, opted for a flowing style dress, which did not favor her silhouette at all, in addition to not choosing the correct hairstyle or makeup, her bad advice positions her as the worst dressed of the night.

Justin Quiles

Getty Justin Quiles

The urban music singer, who made a great musical presentation, did not hit anywhere on the magenta carpet, with accessories that did not go well at all, in addition to an orange hat and slippers that completely broke the protocol of elegance to the time to parade for ared carpet”.

Many Latin music stars gathered at this edition of Premios Lo Nuestro, despite being in the category of the worst dressed, their talent surpasses any barrier, thus achieving the greatest recognition and affection of the public.

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