Physical education games and activities for 5-year-olds

The importance of games and activities at age 5 focuses on the motivation that children have to carry them out. We advise you to do one of the alternatives that we will teach you in this article.

Physical education games and activities for 5-year-olds

Last update: 03 January, 2023

Games and activities for 5-year-olds are essential for their development, not only physically, but also psychologically and socially. For this reason, physical education becomes a fundamental tool for children, parents and teachers.

Between the ages of 3 and 6, curiosity and the environment are two very important aspects of development, which are present in practically all children. In that order of ideas, the games and activities focused on physical education stand out as the main tools so that the little ones are in charge of interacting with the world that surrounds them.

Discover these games and activities for 5-year-olds

During this stage of life, children focus on exploring and interacting with their environment, both physically and socially. Therefore, the games and activities should focus on stimulating basic skillsas well as in the construction of social relationships.

Although some parents perceive it as rushed, at this age children can take on role-playing. They may not be very sophisticated and complex, but it is possible to see how they play ‘mom and dad’ or perform other common tasks in adult society. Based on the above, physical education games and activities should reinforce the psychomotor stimulation of children.

Hunting and observing insects is a very beneficial activity for children, but it is important not to hurt them and then return them to their natural environment.

Hunting and observation of insects

One of the most important environments for human beings in general is nature. This should be taught to children from an early age and at 5 years it is quite appropriate to guide them on the subject. For it it is advisable to carry out an outdoor activity that is focused on hunting and observing insects.

The objective of the activity is to recognize the insects in the area and how they behave. In this way, minors learn to respect the natural environment that surrounds them. After watching them, children will have to return them to the park or where they were found.

dress up game

Role-playing games represent great importance in the social development of 5-year-old children. In order to motivate the characterization of the characters, you can implement costumes. The little ones will enjoy it to the fullest.

for this kind of game it is necessary that several boys participate. The ideal is to look for costumes focused on the theme that the little ones choose. In addition, beyond the outfits, you can also encourage children to imitate voices or make sounds according to the costume they are wearing.

papa bear and the monster

This It is a game focused on physical and social work. To carry it out requires the participation of several children. The larger the number of participants, the better. It is done as follows:

  • One of the children will be chosen as ‘daddy bear’, another will be the monster and the rest play the role of children of the bear.
  • The ‘father bear’ along with his children must be located at one end of the field and the monster just on the opposite side.
  • Next, the bear’s children ask “can you let us bring the monster closer?”. The ‘papa bear’ indicates how many steps they can take. Once this sequence is finished, the monster will be able to start hunting the children of the bear with a slight touch on the back.
  • Each child that is hit by the monster must go on to help him hunt the other bear children. So until you catch them all.
Treasure hunt is a simple and classic game for children. You must hide an object, provide some clues and have the little ones start looking.

search for treasure

Find the treasure is one of the simplest games out there. However, It is useful in stimulating spatial location and laterality in 5 year old children. The advantage of this activity is that it can be carried out in any environment, both inside the house and in the park or other place. The objective is search for the hidden object within the established limits.

The importance of play and activities for 5-year-olds

The game and activities within physical education must be taken seriously, especially in children between 3 and 6 years of age. This is a sensitive stage of learning.

The roles adopted by children, physical development and the transition between the imaginary and the real are highly complex issues at this age. For that reason, These types of activities should not only be practiced regularly, but also supervised by you and the teachers.

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