Pilar Rubio, without filters or makeup, this is her real skin

We are used to seeing the fabulous side in most influencers when they post their posts on social networks. Perfect and well-defined body, smooth, healthy and even skin, light-filled faces without imperfections, radiant smiles… this is the case of the faces known by these names Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Georgina Rodriguez one of two Pilar Rubio.

However, as you know, all that glitters is not gold. Most, if not all, of the snapshots posted were taken with filters and have been retouched. Sometimes it’s more noticeable and sometimes less, but there are very few photos uploaded by the girls above that are not the result of manipulation.

Pilar Rubio abuses photographic retouching

one of those that pulls the most Photoshop and similar equipment Pilar Rubio. wife of sergio ramosDespite flaunting a fantastic physique at the age of 45 and not needing it, he often resorts to photographic retouching in the snapshots he uploads to the internet. As many followers have pointed out, sometimes it goes overboard with the filters. In several images you can see a completely prosthetic Pilar Rubio. It looks like it was designed by a computer for a video game. And you need to know how to use filters and retouching. It is not enough to activate them all, because you can fall into ridiculous, rude, impolite, rude and generic.

Pilar Rubio IG

He pilar rubio Having too much recourse to digital tools is a fact that can be seen in the following images published by the Bellafalsa account on Instagram, one of the accounts that works to expose those influencers who try to sell an image. Have intentions which they neither have nor are real.

pilar rubio
pilar rubio

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