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The Vegueros de Pinar del Río announced the pre-selections of the province for the 62 National Series and its youth version, the U-23 Series, both simultaneous events and for this 2023 season.

The start of the 2023 National Series was agreed for next March 25, just days after the end of the V World Baseball Classic.

Pinar del Río announced a total of 73 players divided between the two shortlists, which will be led by Alexander Urquiola, at the highest level, and Donal Duarte, with the Sub-23.

As reported by Ernesto Amaya, Pinar arrives on this date with many significant casualties compared to the previous campaign.

The casualties are 12 players, evenly divided into 6 pitchers and 6 batters.

The names that are not in the preselections of 2023 are:

Frank Luis Medina, Yoandy Cruz, Rody Yasmani Castelló, Leodán Reyes, Yosvani Torres and Reilandy González (all pitchers).

Roidel Martínez, Tony Guerra, Pedro Luis Dueñas, Olber Peña, Lázaro Emilio Blanco and Luis Enrique García (position players).

We will not delay you any longer, here are the preselections for Pinar del Río:



Yoel Frontela

Jorge Yohan Rojas

Yasiel Ajete


Juan Carlos Arencibia

Stephen Terry

Alexander Lopez Gonzalez

William Saavedra

Frank Raul Gonzalez

Yordano Perez Alvarez

rolando martinez


Luis Pablo Acosta

geovannys hernandez

Ronaldo Perez

jonael rue

Reinier Leon

Yaser Julio Gonzalez

Sergio Linares


Bladimir Banos

Erly Casanova

Frank Luis Medina

Jorge Montano

Juan Luis Hernandez

Leonardo Ocle

Mario Luis del Hoyo

branlis rodriguez

John Thomas Carmona

Lazaro Gonzalez Vina

yeniel medina

Rolando Salgado

raudel padron

Rolando Salgado

Yaifredo Dominguez

Livan Moinelo

raidel martinez

isbel hernandez

Frank Abel Alvarez

director: Alexander Urquiola



Daniel Martinez

Yoel Ernesto Robaina

jordanis ortega

Juan Miguel Rodriguez


jeifer rodriguez

Eric Vento

brian galvez

Miguel Montalvo

Adriel Aldao Almeida

Edisbel Lóriga

Roberto Matanzas

Juan Manuel Perez

emilio leon

Lazaro Paez Casanova

Marlon Moreno

Fidel Linares


Yoannis Moreno

Yorman Licourt

Angel Kevin Martinez

airan rodriguez

Carlos Caro

franciel cruz

Marion Lazaro Sanchez

Luis Miguel Licourt


Yan Carlos Garcia

Yosvany Martinez

Frank Jesus Garcia

mario valle

Alain Pimentel

Gabriel Cantero

Lester Hidalgo

Juan Carlos Perez

Frank Dennis White

Orisbel Borges

Jose Prieto

Edson Luis Alvarez

idiel pereda

director: Donald Duarte

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